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FEATURE ARTIST: Ray Lamontagne

Ray Lamontage, 36, is one of the few folk singer songwriters around that have a lasting impression on me, along with Cat Stevens, Ani DiFranco and Bob Dylan. The raspiness of his whisper and the warmth that crawls through me every time he sings is fantastic. And his talent stems from the interesting, if I dare say dramatic, life history. He was in fact the son of an abusive musician, so his road towards music didn't come until later on. After hearing a Stephen Stills song, Treetop Flyer, that was then that he decided to quit his job and pursue a career in music. He has since released three records, Trouble, Till The Sun Turns Black, and Gossip in the Grain. A soft-spoken person who is known for his raspy voice, LaMontagne has won a number of awards for his music and has performed at several charity events.

All I can say is that, thank God he did or else we wouldn't have this wonderful soul spread good music all over the world.

Ray Lamontagne You Are the Best Thing
Ray Lamontagne Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover)
Ray Lamontagne Trouble (Live Radio 1)
Ray Lamontagne To Love Somebody feat. Damien Rice (Bee Gees cover)
Ray Lamontagne Burn
Ray Lamontagne Sarah

Unreleased Demos (zip files.:
Below are a couple of links to unreleased demos courtesy of Music Induced Euphoria. Visit the blog when you can.

Acre of Land (2001)
Green (2002)
One Lonesome Saddle, version 1 (2002)
OLS Sessions (2002)
Introducing Ray LaMontagne (2003)

I haven't come across any new mash-ups these days that are worth mentioning other than that one from White Panda of Sia and MIA. Earlier I headed over to The MB, I got hold of these pretty old but mashups (dating August 20, 2008) produced by Cookin Soul.

Jay-Z VS Oasis Wonderback

This track fuses Wonderwall and Rulers Back which materializes into a well balanced and hard hitting one. And then some retribution towards Oasis from Jockin Jay-Z album.

Jay-Z also goes head on with The Verve:

Jay-Z VS The Verve Brush Your Bitter Sweet Shoulders Off

Click here to download the rest of the OJAYZIS mashup album by Cookin Soul


The Vengeance Dj's hail from Sydney and are composed of Mark and Oscar. They made their bedroom the center of all madness (where they produce their music) right after high school. And they haven't looked back since. Now they are releasing their own EP (correct me if I'm wrong) under German Man Recording and have verbal accolades coming from Sydney's musical blue-chips like Anna Lunoe, Tenzin and John Glover among others.

Blur Song 2 (Vengeance Remix)

Crawl over to Vengeance's MYSPACE.


I've gotten around listening to Pavement since 3 months ago, and this is good news to all of the group's old and new fans. The Best of Album features Gold Soundz, Stereo, Summer Babe, Range Life, Cut Your Hair, and Shady Lane that ought to help neophytes like me learn how to sing along during setbreak music. The Pavement's tours involves pretty much any festival that can afford them and the imminent repackaging of Pavement sends excited chills through my bones. All the tracks are fully remastered from the original tapes.

Matador Records held a contest of whoever guessed the most tracks from all of Pavements album to be included in Quarantine the Past. The winner got 17 out of the 23 tracks and gets an all expense-paid trip to NYC to see Pavement in Central Park next September. Lucky guy. And they did a good job with tracklist, putting in the less familiar but good tracks into the album for those who want an in-depth reminisce-Pavement-trip. Preorder and you can save 15%.

Quarantine The Past tracklist:
02 "Frontwards" (WATERY, DOMESTIC EP)
03 "Mellow Jazz Docent" (PERFECT SOUND FOREVER EP)
05 "In The Mouth A Desert" (SLANTED & ENCHANTED)
06 "Two States" (SLANTED & ENCHANTED)
08 "Shady Lane" / "J Vs. S" (BRIGHTEN THE CORNERS)
11 "Grounded" (WOWEE ZOWEE)
12 "Summer Babe (Winter Version)" (SLANTED & ENCHANTED)
16 "Shoot The Singer (1 Sick Verse)" (WATERY, DOMESTIC EP)
17 "Spit On A Stranger" (TERROR TWILIGHT)
18 "Heaven Is a Truck" (CROOKED RAIN, CROOKED RAIN)
19 "Trigger Cut/Wounded-Kite At :17" (SLANTED & ENCHANTED)
21 "Box Elder" (SLAY TRACKS 1933-1969 EP)
22 "Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence" (NO ALTERNATIVE COMP)
23 "Fight This Generation" (WOWEE ZOWEE)

The Pavement Gold Soundz
The Pavement Frontwards

INSIDE: The group tours...

03/01 Auckland, New Zealand @ Town Hall
03/04 Sydney, Australia @ Enmore Theatre
03/05 Sydney, Australia @ Enmore Theatre
03/06 Meredith, Australia @ Supernatural Amphitheatre (Golden Plains Festival)
03/07 Adelaide, Australia @ Thebarton Theatre
03/08 Perth, Australia @ Metro City
03/10 Brisbane, Australia @ Tivoli
03/12 Melbourne, Australia @ Palace Theatre
03/14 Melbourne, Australia @ Palace Theatre
04/07 Tokyo, Japan @ Studio Coast
04/08 Tokyo, Japan @ Studio Coast
04/10 Osaka, Japan @ Zepp Osaka
04/12 Nagoya, Japan @ Zepp Nagoya
04/18 Indio, CA (Coachella)
05/04 Dublin, Ireland @ Tripod
05/05 Glasgow, Scotland @ Barrowland
05/07 Paris, France @ Le Zénith
05/08 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
05/10 London, England @ Brixton Academy
05/11 London, England @ Brixton Academy
05/12 London, England @ Brixton Academy
05/13 London, England @ Brixton Academy
05/15 Minehead, England @ All Tomorrow's Parties
05/18 Brussels, Belgium @ Ancienne Belgique
05/19 Berlin, Germany @ Astra
05/20 Prague, Czech Republic @ Palac Akropolis
05/21 Vienna, Austria @ Arena
05/22 Munich, Germany @ Muffathalle
05/24 Rome, Italy @ Atlantico Live
05/25 Bologna, Italy @ Estragon
05/27 Barcelona, Spain @ Primavera Festival
05/29-31 Quincy, Washington @ Sasquatch! Festival
06/25 Berkeley, CA @ The Greek Theate
06/19 Toronto, Ontario @ Toronto Island Concert
07/01-04 Roskilde, Denmark @ Roskilde Festival
09/21 New York, NY @ Central Park Summerstage
09/22 New York, NY @ Central Park Summerstage
09/23 New York, NY @ Central Park Summerstage
09/24 New York, NY @ Central Park Summerstage


This week is eargasmic, to say the least. I've been receiving a lot of mp3s and I promise you, the ones in this post are surefire ways to pump your week. New stuff from Goldfrapp's album Head First, Joanna Newsom's 81, Hot Chip graces this blog once again with I Feel Better, Dangerous Muse, Lemonade and a recent discovery for me, Wakey Wakey, is something to check out too. Dave Wrangler also does a The xx of Stars. Broken Bells (which is The Shins plus Gnarls Barkley) is in with their track, High Road. Also on this edition of Weeklies: Miike Snow's track; Billie Holiday; Four Tet's Love Cry; Charlotte Martin's cover of Roling Stones' Wild Horses; the Afghan Raider's remix of Neon Indian's Deadbeat Summer and the White Panda Mashup of Sia and MIA tracks. Enjoy the weekend!

Goldfrapp Believer
Dangerous Muse I Want It All
Hot Chip I Feel Better
The xx Stars (Dave Wrangler remix)
Miike Snow Billie Holiday
Wakey! Wakey! Twenty Two
Sunset Late Night Dawning
Lemonade Lifted
Neon Indian Deadbeat Summer (Afghan Raiders Remix)
Joanna Newsom 81
Hello, Goodbye When We First Met
Charlotte Martin Wild Horses (Rolling Stones cover)
Broken Bells The High Road
Dinosaur Feathers Teenage Whore
Kelis ft. David Guetta Scream and Shout
Corinne Bailey Rae Closer
Four Tet Love Cry
Helsinki 78-82 Cruising
The White Panda Button Showers (Sia vs. MIA)
Caribou Odessa
Moullinex Lover In Me
Breakbot Make You Mine

Monday, January 25, 2010

COVER: Grizzly Bear Does Boy From School

Grizzly Bear recently visited Australia's Triple J Radio for an interview where they also performed While You Wait for the Others, one of the best tracks off their 2009 album, Veckatimest. The group also revealed this eerie cover of Hot Chip's Boy From School, putting the spotlight on the song's towering harmonies. This Hot Chip track is highly enjoyable so you should listen to the Grizzly Bear's cover. The full session can be heard at Triple J.

Grizzly Bear Boy From School (Hot Chip cover)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's the Lord of the Flies all over again.

I'm going to be honest. I heard of I Blame Coco only recently, upon the recommendation of a friend. After digging up on her, I reckon partial of I Blame Coco's talent is influenced by the genes and her circle of friends. Not only is the group's lead singer, Coco Sumner (not her real name), currently Pete Doherty's "lady friend" but she is the also daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler. I Blame Coco fuses reggae with husky  and Nico-esque vocals. I Blame Coco is a quintet composed of Coco in the vocals and guitar, Luca in synth and guitar, daisy at the keyboards and backing vocals, Warren in the drums and Craig in the bass. Below is a video of her track, Caesar with a cameo from Robyn. Further down the post are the rest of I Blame Coco's fresh-fresh-fresh tracks and Caesar remixes from Miike Snow and Diplo. Something good and new to listen to.

I Blame Coco feat. Robyn - Caesar

I BLÅME COCO | MySpace Music Videos

(links removed by request)
I Blame Coco: Caesar feat. Robyn (Diplo Remix)
I Blame Coco: Caesar feat. Robyn (Miike Snow Remix)
I Blame Coco : I Blame Coco
I Blame Coco : Bohemian Love
I Blame Coco : Control
I Blame Coco : Never Be

Goldfrapp's cover sleeve for new album, Head First.

Goldfrapp :: Rocket

Rocket is Goldfrapp's first single from the duo's fifth album Head First which will be released through Mute this 22nd of March 2010. Here are more details on the album from her website:

Head first is Goldfrapp's most powerful trip to date, a speedy rush of synth optimism, euphoria, fantasy and romance. With life affirming lyrics and stellar production, it lifts off at full tilt and takes us on a journey to the heart of 2010.

Now tell me that doesn't sound exciting to you.

The real cover art

Fresh new track from the Gorillaz's third LP, Plastic Beach which will be released by Parlophone on 8 March, 2010.

Gorillaz :: Stylo (feat. Bobby Womack and Mos Def)

The good people over at Amazon's mp3 store would like to help whet your appetite for more Gorillaz music - they've announced the Gorillaz classic album Demon Days as their "daily deal" for January 10! Click here to pick it up.

Plastic Beach is produced by Gorillaz.

The full tracklisting is as follows:
1. Orchestral Intro (featuring Sinfonia ViVA)
2. Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach (feat. Snoop Dogg and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)
3. White Flag (feat. Kano, Bashy and The National Orchestra For Arabic Music)
4. Rhinestone Eyes
5. Stylo (feat. Bobby Womack and Mos Def)
6. Superfast Jellyfish (feat. Gruff Rhys and De La Soul)
7. Empire Ants (feat. Little Dragon)
8. Glitter Freeze (feat. Mark E Smith)
9. Some Kind Of Nature (feat. Lou Reed)
10. On Melancholy Hill
11. Broken
12. Sweepstakes (feat. Mos Def & Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)
13. Plastic Beach (feat. Mick Jones & Paul Simonon)
14. To Binge (feat. Little Dragon)
15. Cloud Of Unknowing (feat. Bobby Womack and Sinfonia ViVA)
16. Pirate Jet

Friday, January 22, 2010

MP3s: We Need a Little H and R

Photo By

This will be the first of a series of posts I'm going to make featuring H and R (Hiphop and RnB). Chessy much? So, here are a couple of quality mp3's and I'm sure you'll dig these especially the unpredictably likeable Baby from Justin Bieber, the new track from Gucci Mane featuring Nicki Minaj and Drake's Zone. (It's the most decent title I can make with dried up brain juice, so if you have any suggestions, do share.) :D

Justin Bieber :: Baby feat. Ludacris
Common :: Next Time
Gucci Mane :: Mi Casa Su Casa ft. Nicki Minaj and Shwaty Lo
Crookers :: Hiphop Changed (Busy P Remix)
Drake :: Zone
Consequence feat. Asher Roth :: Childish Games
The Knux :: Floozy feat. Naledge

Thanks to Pigeons and Planes and NasDank.

Photo By

New Justin and Madonna track. We all know Justin's been busy with his upcoming movie, The Social Network but he just can't help making music, especially when its with the queen of pop, Madonna.

Justin Timberlake ft. Madonna :: Across the Sky

The Antlers' phenomenal album, Hospice, was every bit astounding as it is shapeshifting. And now, Buffetlibre made a remix of their title track, Two, replacing the acoutstic guitar with vibrant chimes and synths. Download the track below:

The Antlers :: Two (Buffetlibre remix)

Will this be Lady Gaga at her 60's?

Peaches continues to release music videos for songs from her album I Feel Cream. Mommy Complex underwent major reconstruction with electroclash beats which made her popular back in early 2000s.

Peaches :: Mommy Complex

Every man's dream foodfight, 17th century style.

These guys have brilliant taste, and The Numbers Song and Wake Up with Frank music is essential to any electro house fan.

Acid Girls :: The Numbers Song
Acid Girls :: Lightworks (Harvard Bass Remix)
Acid Girls :: Wake Up (ft. Frankmusik)

I can't help but revel at the magnificence that is "Colouring of Pigeons." This is the first track to be released from an opera created by the Knife in collaboration with Mt. Sims, Planningtorock, and the Danish performance art group Hotel Pro Forma. In the course of 11 minutes, you'd be taken into a riveting sensory emporium. Karin Dreijer-Andersson and the melodic percussion are, in my opinion, the prime factors that make this track entirely unforgettable. Best 11 minutes of my week, right here.

:: The Knife - Colouring of Pigeons (ft. Mt. Sims and Planningtorock)

An interesting breakthough artist, Los Amaparito. This Brothersport remix has got me up and about all day.

:: Animal Collective - Brothersport (Los Amparito - Hermano Deporte mix)

This group is probably on of the more formidable artists caught on the radar. jj, constantly called as one of the best secrets of the Swedish industry, is something to look forward to, that I can tell.

:: jj - Things Will Never Be The Same Again

This 2006 track from the man behind Bon Iver still gives me lucid dreams.

:: Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) - Song For A Lover Long Ago

Massive Attack's new album entitled Heligoland features this class standout, Atlas Air. Here's also a radio-rip of Psyche.

:: Massive Attack - Atlas Air
:: Massive Attack - Psyche

When I read the title of the track, I was expecting epic fail. But somehow Emancipator made it work out - amazingly, in fact. It sounds a trippy and aeewome fusion of the two tracks. Unbelievable but true.

:: Mobb Deep VS Sigur Ross - Shook (Emancipator Mashup)

Good thing this track isn't some R. Kelly-inspired track on sexual addiction. He has Polow Da Don to thank for this. And it's Pitchfork's Best New Music - what more can you ask for?

:: Usher - Lil' Freak feat. Nicki Minaj

Flo-rida joined up with the Poe Boys in this track. He really has mastered the art of topping lists with his catchy singles.
:: Flo-Rida, Billy Blue, Brisco & Tanu - We Came Up

Starbucks has released a new Sweetheart compilation album which sees several artists cover various love songs for Valentines day this 19th of January. They had this project with Hear Music label when they released the first Sweetheart album on 2005 and then once again last year.

The Starbucks Sweetheart compilation is for sale on iTunes right now, where you can also get a preview of the tracks. Here's the tracklist, below:

01 Jose Gonzalez: "Hand on Your Heart" (Kylie Minogue cover)
02 Grand Archives: "Cupid" (Sam Cooke cover)
03 James Mercer & Robert Mercer: "Spanish Harlem Incident" (Bob Dylan cover)
04 Spoon: "Love Song" (The Damned cover)
05 Elvis Perkins: "Teneme en Tu Corazon (Keep Me in Your Heart)" (traditional)
06 The Long Winters: "Give Me All Your Lovin'" (ZZ Top cover)
07 Yo La Tengo: "You Make Me Feel Good" (The Zombies cover)
08 Céu: "Eu Amo Você (I Love You)" (Tim Maia cover)
09 Diane Birch: "I Go Crazy" (Paul Davis cover)
10 Jason Collett and Zeus: "Every Night" (Paul McCartney cover)
11 The Avett Brothers: "I Love" (Tom T. Hall cover)
12 Mates of State: "Long Way Home" (Tom Waits cover)
13 Angelique Kidjo: "Ne Me Quitte Pas (If You Go Away)" (Jacques Brel cover)
14 Hey Marseilles: "True Love Will Find You in the End" (Daniel Johnston cover)

Maybe I should say, "Let's thank Mick Boogie for destroying a great album. He gets a 10/10 for that," and so on, but even though there have been a good number of American Gangster/Marvin Gate remixes, this one is CRAZY GOOD. The acapella would've sounded better without Lil' Wayne in my opinion.

:: Jay-Z and Marvin Gaye: Hello Brooklyn ft Lil Wayne

Yeah. I'm one of those people. I'm definitely one of those people, who happen to have bad first impressions. Which is why it took me at least 3 listens to 'Day n' Nite' to appreciate it. And now, Dan Black (UK "Wonky Pop" artist) features Kid Cudi in a remix of his hit UK single, Symphonies. The track has the drumline reminiscent of Rihanna's Umbrella, and has really good prospects for a Billboard hit. Hit the play button up for a listen and download the track.

:: Dan Black - Symphonies (RMX) feat. Kid Cudi

Dan Black will be also visiting select cities for a mini club tour. Check out the list at 2dopeboyz.

It's been a while back since we heard from Marit Larsen. One of her recent hits as a solo artist was "If A Song Could Get Me To You." I have to admit, Steal My Heart pales a little bit in comparison to that chart topper but still has that animated pop we oh-so-love. This track is part of her album, The Chase

:: Marit Larsen - Steal My Heart

As previously featured, this talented newcomer, Ellie Goulding, has made her presence known in latter part of 2010. And it's not a surprise with that talent of hers, that she has gotten a good grip on the music bloggers and music critics. She also rose to the top of BBC's Sound of 2010. Here's the visually engrossing music video for "Starry Eyed."

Monday, January 18, 2010

M.I.A. : There's Space For All Dat I See

M.I.A. returns with a new track, There's Space For All Dat I See. The track title befits the whole vibe of the song. A bunch of synths and more evenly spaced out rhythms that's a little more different than what we are used to hear from her. She is releasing a new album sometime this year, one that sounds like "Gucci Mane meets Animal Collective".

:: M.I.A. - There's Space For All Dat I See

Check out the video of the track:

I first discovered Miike Snow on RCRD LBL 2 years ago and look where they are now! This Crookers collab with the group makes eminent the emotional pop and instrumental melodies that Miike Snow has been known for. The beat isn't as hyped up as previous songs from Crookers but the beat is a juicy mouthful everyone will want a taste of.

Tour Dates for Miike snow Fans:

Toronto – Pheonix Theatre – April 3rd, 2010
Montreal – Club Soda – April 2nd, 2010
New York – Webster Hall (Sold Out) – March 27th, 2010
New York – Bowery Ballroom – March 28th, 2010

:: Crookers - Remedy feat. Miike Snow

Vampire Weekend's highly anticipated second album, Contra, is almost in everyone's ALBUM TO WATCH OUT FOR 2010. Their 1st album, filled with pan-ethnic demos, was predominantly what I've come to call preppy ennui. (J.D. Salinger and King Sunny Adé anyone?) And now, from my initial listen of their sophomore album, they still have that African pop and Western classical vibe going on. I liked Cousins and Horchata is still growing on me. Ezra Koenig gives a visual of Manhattan in White Sky and made a closing of orchestral quality, the quiet of "I Think Ur a Contra." Preview the rest of the tracks inside.


As been the tradition of Thieves By Tuesday, I'm posting the seasonal OST of one of my favorite medical dramas on tv, Grey's Anatomy. You know the drill, just click on the links to download. There are alos .ZIP files for those in a hurry. Season 5's OST is a good one. I give it a 8.2/10. Enjoy!

Also check out:
MUSIC FROM THE SHOW: Grey's Anatomy Season 4
MUSIC FROM THE SHOW: Grey's Anatomy Season 3

DOWNLOAD Season 5 OST Part 1

All Thieves-Turn and Turn Again
Anya Marina - All The Same To Me
Au Revoir Simone-Another Likely Story
Ben Folds-You Don't Know Me
Ben Lee-Rise Up
Bon Iver-Blindsided
Bon Iver-Skinny Love
Brandi Carlile-Hiding My Heart
Brazilian Girls-Good Times
Brett Dennen - Ain't Gonna Lose You
Brett Dennen-So Far From Me
Common & Martin Topley-Bird-Everywhere
Dido-Never Want To Say It's Love
Dido-Quiet Times
Dido-The Day Before The Day

Part 2 to Part 6 inside

DOWNLOAD Season 5 OST Part 2

El Perro Del Mar-From The Valley To The Stars
Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum
Emiliana Torrini-Big Jumps
Emiliana Torrini-Birds
Emiliana Torrini-Ha Ha
Emilie Mover-Brand New
Emilie Mover-Ordinary Day
Erin McCarley-Gotta Figure This Out
Erin McCarley-Love Save The Empty
Erin McCarley-Pitterpat
Glass Pear-Last Days Of Your Life
Great Northern-Driveway
Greg Laswell - Off I Go
Greg Laswell-Comes And Goes (In Waves)
Greg Laswell-Days Go On (.m4a)
Ingrid Michaelson - Turn to Stone

DOWNLOAD Season 5 OST Part 3

Jade McNelis - Wins
Jonathan Rice - The Acrobat
Jont - Sweetheart
Jont-Another Door Closes
Joshua Radin-One Of Those Days
Joy Williams-Charmed Life (.m4a)
Kanye West-Street Lights
Katie Herzig and Matthew Perryman Jones - Where the Road Meets the Sun
Kate Havnevik-Halo (.m4a)
Lenka-Live Like You're Dying
Lenka-Trouble Is A Friend
Liam Finn-Gather To The Chapel
Lisa Hannigan-Ocean And A Rock
Litte Dragon-Twice
Little Jackie-LOL

DOWNLOAD Season 5 OST Part 4

Matt Hires-Turn The Page
Matthew Mayfield - First in line
Meiko-Boys With Girlfriends
Metric-Front Row
Nikka Costa-Stuck To You
Other Lives - Black Tables
Piers Faccini-A Storm Is Going To Come
Powderfinger-Drifting Further Away
Psapp - I Want That
Rachel Yamagata - Duet
Ray Lamontagne-Winter Birds
Right Away, Great Captain-What A Pity
Royal Wood-A Mirror Without
Sanders Bohlke - The Weight Of Us
Santogold-Lights Out

DOWNLOAD Season 5 OST Part 5

Santogold-Say Aha
Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson-Winter Song
Seabird-Falling For You
Shady Bard-These Quiet Times
Shady Bard-Treeology
Sia-Cares At The Door
Slow Runner-Happy Ending
Snow Patrol-The Planets Bend Between Us
Steve Reynolds-Mistaken Identity
Taylor Swift-White Horse
The Bird & The Bee-My Love
The Cinematic Orchestra-That Home
The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra - That Home
The Hard Lessons-Wedding Ring
The Mostar Diving Club-Vagabonds And Clowns

DOWNLOAD Season 5 OST Part 6

The Perishers-Never Bloom Again
The Rescues-Break Me Out
The Rescues-Stay Over
The Rescues-Crazy Ever After
The Rescues-My Heart With You
The Whitest Boy Alive-Done With You
Tina Dico-No Time To Sleep
Trolle Siebenhaar-These Streets
Vampire Weekend-Walcott
WAZ-Ordinary Girl
Winterpills-Take Away The Words