I didn't even know they were dating. 

So when I heard this, my world shattered. It's bad enough that my soulmate, Ben, and I are continents apart. Jesus, now he's hooking up with some B-class trash? Okay, that was my alter ego talking. Kidding aside, I was really confused and thought of correcting Stereogum that they got their details wrong, cause the last time I heard of Ben was that he was dating Jenny Lewis (check her out in DCFC's Video I Will Possess Your Heart).Just shows how updated I am. Haha. Anyway, cheers to them! Zooey was pretty good in Elf and those episodes in Weeds. I can't imagine what talented children these two will have.

More from People , Rawkblog , and Surfjan Beat 

With great picks from artists primed for a breakout in the 2009.

These indie Rockers from Montréal, Québec---Malajube--produce melodious Francophonic music. And as if that weren't enough, this group has gained some street cred when Roger Wireless put up their song “Montreal -40° C” in a commercial, not to mention "Ton Plat Favori" was in a Zellers commercial. After a quiet 2007, the band is again making rumblings of releasing new material. Their new reconrd, out in February (early gift?) is entitled Labyrinth, which is fitting for their unabashed morphing material. Their lead track "Ursuline" lasts at about seven minutes. Entry introduces the listener to a soft ballet waltz then later blended with exciting drum basts and bittersweet notes. You wouldn't wonder why (unintentionally) other people categorize them in the "Progressive Emo Jam Band" genre. Not that I agree, of course.

- Ursuline
- La Monogamie

Dubbed by magazines like Spin and EW as Best New Artist...2009(?)  (yes, question mark included), ZBB is well off to a bright 2009. This is a real backyard mutt of a band, somehow fusing reggae, metal, and jam vibes into a cohesive package, fronted by Zac Brown and his well-picked acoustic guitar. Given the speed at which "Chicken Fried" hit No. 1 on the country charts, I'd say this band's future is its own to make. What do you think? Do they have a shot at those 2009 Best New Artist awards? Check out the "Chicken Fried" video below, and then weigh it with your comments.

*So, I took a look around and came across this cover of the Ray Lamontagne song "Jolene." Doesn't scratch the original for me but you may feel differently

- Jolene (cover)
- Jolene (Original by Ray LaMontagne)
- Whatever It Is

This exuberant singer-songwriter embodies quite a lot of trnends. She is Swedish but actually lives in New Orleans and her voice has that clear and cozy Scandinavian quality as well. This lass plays multiple instruments, like one-woman bands like Florence and the Machine, Kaki King and Emily Wells. Her songs are heartfelt and have a strong feminine viewpoint — and yes, they’ve been featured on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Her quirkiness and eye for detail really stand stand out.

- Birds Fly Away
- Na Na Na

"California on My Mind," which in my opinion is a good rock-and-roll sing along had enjoyed a good  use of obscenities and profanities, and hearing it outside of the Internet is severely limited. But who needs the radio? According to SPIN, Wild Light has already performed at the Hollywood Bowl with cult faves LCD Soundsystem and has a 29-city winter tour lined-up with indie rockers Tapes ‘N Tapes (at the El Rey on Jan. 24). "California on My Mind" is a pop anthem that's hard to resist. It shares a kind of random frustration anyone can relate to, and the presence of a harmonica, a galloping piano and some scrappy vocals. Warning: Those who are severely attached to San Francisco should skip this and choose an equally good Surf Generation instead (over at their Myspace).

The next Duffy? Next Amy Winehouse? Nope, VV Brown has her own brand of POP that is surefire hit for 2009. This young British soul singer has the penchant for retro sounds is tipped by the British newspapers as the next big thing. Though Brown is a long way removed from the smokey nightclub vibe of Amy Winehouse or the torchy songs of Duffy, her amped dance floor track "Crying Blood" will leave you panting for more. Just check her debut single “Crying Blood,” an amped-up dance floor track where Brown shows off her spunk. A former session singer and songwriter -- the Pussycat Dolls are among her credits -- VV Brown is ready to seize the spotlight with her high-energy pop songs. Check out Crying Blood and Everybody over her Myspace page

- Crying Blood (Hannah Holland Remix

Monday, December 29, 2008


Chris Brown  What It Do link 2 

(I can be very clumsy on anything that has blades or wheels
I am not the woman in the pic.
Although you did wish it was me, didn't you? : )

Hey there loyal Thieves By Tuesday visitors! Due to many issues regarding the postage of movie posts along with music and celebrity posts, I have come to a conclusion, along with my new associate writer for Cosmic Bean (which is a sister/brother blog, watch out for that), that Thieves By Tuesday will in fact NO LONGER POST TOPICS OUTSIDE MUSIC . Yes, you got that right. It took me a good few months to decide what to do with this blog---saying goodbye to those movie/gossip posts will be a slow and gruesome pain which I can hopefully withstand---but, in lieu of all the drama, I am excited for this more in depth focus on music, which is agreeably everyone's true love. Before everyone gets busy with the holiday hustle and bustle, check out these  FRESH GREAT tracks enough to warm you up for the last bits of Christmas/Hanukkah!

Hope you'll keep on supporting Thieves By Tuesday! Great returns for the season!

Those with * are new tracks! Listed in no particular order we have:

Clipse - Intro

Johnny Poygon - Melt My Heart Green Lantern (ADELE REMIX)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - All I Want For Christmas

Bon Iver - Re: Stacks

Busta Rhymes ft Missy Elliot and Ne-Yo - Freakin' You *

Sufjan Stevens - Put the Lights On the Tree (Pocketknife's Radioshack Remix) *

Death Cab For Cutie - Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

Coldplay - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 

Sufjan Stevens - Did I Make You Cry on Christmas Day? *

Womanizer - Lily Allen (Britney Spears Cover)

Jason Mraz ft. Tristan Prettyman - All I Want For Christmas Is Us *

The Killers - Don’t Shoot Me Santa

Kylie Minogue and Coldplay *

Hurray For The Riff Raff - Bricks

Little Jinder - Youth Blood

Mirror Mirror - New Horizons

Twiggy Frostbite - Lanterns *

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I recently got this track via email and I don't know the details of the track. So anyone who knows whose responsible for this pure awesomeness of a mash-up, drop a comment or send me an email!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


They're Indie. They're Gypsy. They're Folk Pop.
They're Dark Dark Dark.

Similar Sounds: Regina Spektor, Coeur de Pirate, Frightened Rabbit

Popular Tracks:

. Ashes
. Junk Bones
. Dig The Grave
. New York Song
. Colors 

The Snow Magic (album) is highly entertaining for the most part. The first song, “Ashes” sets the tone of the album, with Invie directing the fate of her ashes after death:

“I know you want to scatter my ashes
I know you want to spread them far and wide
Don’t scatter my ashes
I want to run by the seaside.”

The next four are a bit grim and dreary. “Junk Bones” continues delightfully with this lively gothic theme, swinging casually into “New York Song” with its rippling accordion riffs, like something Tim Burton would enjoy:

“Last summer they said it was so, so hot
Two lovers did drown
Their dreams were sunk
While their bodies were lost
Their souls stayed around
They stayed underwater
Most go underground
And they said bein’ here is better than wishing we’d stayed”

A four-piece at its heart, Dark Dark Dark consists of an instrumental arsenal that is not typical of most indie-rock favorites. In addition to the rhythm section, the group maintains a heavy focus on cello, banjo, accordion, and piano.

And I warn you, The Snow Magic is not the most accessible or instantaneously gripping album out there, but with successive listens undoubtedly rewards listeners in a way that few debuts will this year. Drop by your local music store, or at Amazon to buy.

Blood Onion Records | MySpace | Buy

Such a Political Video, don't you think?
Best. Video. Ever. I never liked the original nursery rhymes anyway. It's really deadly... Kind of weird at the start but then you remember what mercury was like and you know they're heading in a completely new direction with their videos... Anyone agree?

I wasn't a fan of the original version of "Jockin' Jay-Z", as many are, but this remixed version of it is a real gem. Rock and Roll could possibly be the theme of the rmx and Travis Barker does his magic by remixing this one with the heavy handed beats on the drums that he's known for.  "99 Problems," fades in comparison to this track  and the bass leaves a surefire after feel in the ears.

I have varied reactions when it comes to Common’s music. At times I get aggravated (or is it too strong of a word?) in his performance at Kanye's "Get 'Em High". His performance in Smokin' Aces wasn't at all beyond compelling. But since he doesn't act for the majority of his time, I'll make this pass. But I was extremely surprised with this track. When I heard that Lily Allen was going to be on Common's new record, I was like whoa. Then when I heard the Kanye-produced track in all it’s glittery glory. Now who wouldn't get nuts with this bit of info? Anyway, the anxiety subsided, and although this track may be a wee old, it is in my opinion, one of catchiest tracks from the new Common disc.  Both Allen and Kanye have a liking for unearthing cool samples and reviving them in interesting ways, so “Drivin’ Me Wild” was expected to be a mind-blowing clashing of the genres. Lily Allen here is apparently a guest vocals whore. I suppose I would be too, if I get to work with these equally talented heavyweights. :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

YEAH: FUKKK OFFF "Rave Is King" Remixes

Hey, I'm trying out this Soundcloud player as per request (or demand) of a few readers. Tell me if it works!

Remix packages are one of the best things an artist/group has to offer. And FUKKK OFFF's summer hit "Rave Is King" just gives us that lightening-of-the-mood effect. Low Life Inc. does everyone good this coming Christmas, don't you think?

First up, Zodiac Cartel, who is a mystery producer from UK, gives that much needed heavy acid groove and old school rave kick out into total mayhem.

Zodiac Cartel Remix

Next up is Skint's Midfield General. Now this bass heavy remix clearly remeinds me of old and the Nitzer Ebb industrila grooves, muy caliente.

Midfield General Mix

Closing this post is Montreal's NROTB giving us their pounding version. I can literally feel my ears react to the sound. Kidding.



Nhan and Taan's ElectroBoogie RMX

Fukkk Offf MySpace | Coco Machete MySpace | Coco Machete Website

Introducing Funeral Party, from Whittier, California hails a fresh and utterly techno-driven five-piece electro-rock band (that, I must add, recently got off road w/ Yelle). Funny how the song has very specific background since it's "about forbidden love, specifically, the love that occurs in the back seat of your car with your best friend’s girlfriend while he’s passed out drunk in the front seat, no less!." Now how do YOU like some of that?
This week, Funeral Party’s “Bootleg EP” came out and is now available at all digital retailers including iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon. Check 'em out HERE.

Monday, December 8, 2008


* Chris Brown's reaction  in seeing a mouse.
I'm not really that much of a fan of Chris Brown, but I gotta say congratulations to the dude, for receiving two nominations at this year's Grammy Awards, listed below.
Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals: "No Air" with Jordin Sparks
Best Male R&B Vocal Performance: "Take You Down"
This wouldn't come as a surprise since he won last November 24 three American Music Awards: Artist of the Year, Favorite Male Artist Pop or Rock Music, Favorite Male Artist Soul and R&B Music.
Hmmm. I've hardly updated with gossip nowadays, but I heard Chris Brown and Rihanna broke up. Some truth to that?

Sunday, December 7, 2008


La Roux - Quicksand

I don't know about you but I have been waiting for this video to be officially posted. I've been pretty vocal with my affection for this electro - pop artist, so this won't come as a surprise that I posted her recent video in Thieves By Tuesday*.

The Miami-vice kind of theme of the video gives you that afterfeel of the beaches, but ironical isn't it, the video being  released this winter season? Nonetheless, this video just proves the ingenious and nonconformist that is La Roux.

The interesting lighting of the video really accentuates La Roux's short ginger bob. Nice.... 

Call And Response: The Remix Album is the 2008 album by Maroon 5. These NOW art-rockers (just my assumption based on their choice of indie acts) remixes hits from indie faves like Of Montreal and Deerhoof seems oddly conceivable. The group's brand of bubblegummy pop is the perfect candidate for a remix treatment, don't you think? It also features remixes of hit singles and tracks from Maroon 5's first two studio album's Songs About Jane and It Won't Be Soon Before Long by various artists and producers. The best remix, in the album, Deerhoof's blip heavy "Goodnight Goodnight", is just the thing for the hardcore artsy bohemians.

Buy the album on December 9th

Track Listing

01 - If I Never See Your Face Again feat. Cross (Swizz Beatz) 03:46
02 - Wake Up Call feat. Mary J. Blige (Mark Ronson) 03:12
03 - Sunday Morning (Questlove) 03:47
04 - Makes Me Wonder (Just Blaze) 05:55
05 - This Love (C. Tricky Stewart) 02:58
06 - She Will Be Loved (Pharrell Williams) 04:22
07 - Shiver (DJ Quick) 02:46
08 - Wake Up Call feat. David Banner (David Banner) 03:22
09 - Harder To Breathe feat. The Cool Kids (The Cool Kids) 02:58
10 - Little Of Your Time (Bloodshy And Avant) 03:55
11 - Little Of Your Time (Of Montreal) 03:00
12 - Goodnight Goodnight (Deerhoof) 04:02
13 - Not Falling Apart (Tiesto) 06:09
14 - Better That We Break (Ali Shaheed Muhammad) 02:41
15 - Secret (Premier 5 Remix) (DJ Premier) 03:54
16 - Woman (Sam Farrar) 04:12
17 - This Love (Cut Copy Galatic Beach House Mix) 07:21
18 - If I Never See Your Face Again feat. Rihanna (Paul Oakenfold) 07:03


As you may have noticed, I have been having difficulties with my mp3 links for a few weeks now. I did Boxstr and Fileden for a while, went to File Dropper next, then a bit of Hotlink files (not a good choice, btw) and now that everything has been resolved, I have finally settled with BOTH Zshare and Mediafire. (Dunce)

So in this Christmas edition of Hardcore Mixtape, I decided to once again play Santa. I placed what I think may be the perfect playlist for your pre/post-Christmas bash. Great when you feel like mooning with a glass of Grey Goose, sipping some bourbon with friends or gulping good champagne with a a roomful of acquaintances. Whatever the occasion, this is the choice. (Fret not, the playlist is a generous 4 hours, 57 Minutes and 35 seconds.)

Guilt - free downloads everyone! Have a Merry Christmas y'all.

***If anyone is kind enough to buy me Amazon Kindle, then bless your soul. And throw in  Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle, if you still have some money to spare. :)

Joakim - Lonely Hearts (Loving Hand Remix)
Chad Van Gaalen - City of Electric Light
Coco Electrick - Sasparilla Kiss (Mickey Moonlight Remix)
Cut Copy - Far Away (Damn Arms Remix)
Cut Copy - So Haunted (Knightlife's Sun-Soaked Reprise)
Deerhunter - Octet (Simian Mobile Disco Rework)
Deerhunter - Saved by Old Times (Sessions Version)
The Presets - Kicking And Screaming (Bang Gang's E Is For Edit)
The Virgins - Rich Girls (The Twelves Remix)
Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor (Designer Drugs Remix)
Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (Mr Vega Extended Remix)
Kanye West - Street Lights  (Max Justus Remix)
My Synthesizer Won't Behave (The Fingermonsters Edit)
Eine Kleine Nacht Musik - Feuerprobe (Rory Phillips Remix)
James Yuill - This Sweet Love (We Have Band Remix)
Felix Da Housecat & Diddy - Jack U (Angello & Ingrosso Remix)
Gay Dentists - JFK Edit
Geneva Jacuzzi - The Walk 2
Justin Timberlake - SexyBack (FreeForm Five Remix)
Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite (Crookers Remix)
Lady Gaga - Poker Face (Space Cowboy Remix)
Ladyhawke - Dusk till dawn (Pablo Decoder Remix)
Late Of Piers - The Bears Are Coming (Emperor Machine Remix)
Late of the Pier - The Bears Are Coming (Metronomy Remix)
Lykke Li - Little Bit (AutoErotique Bootleg Remix)
MGMT - Of Birds, Moons & Monsters (Modernaire Remix)
The Black Ghosts- Repitition Kills You (RAC Remix)
LexiCon Don - Nothings on the TV (Turn the Radio On)
La Roux - Quicksand (Beni Bennassi Remix)
Noonday Underground - The Light Brigade (Cut Copy Mix)
Panda Bear - I'm Not (Phaseone Remix)
Paper Route Gangstaz - Bama Gettin' Money (Diplo Remix)
Totally Michael - Winona (Miami Horror Remix)
Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Diskjokke Remix)
Adele - Hometown Glory (Axwell Remode Mix)
Royksopp - What Else Is There (Thin White Duke Mix)
Does It Offend You Yeah? - We Are Rockstars (Bloc Party Remix)
Jamie Lidell - Little Bit Of Feel Good (Mr. Oizo Mix)
The Whip - Frustration (Van She Remix)
Sidechains - Dance While You Can (Barcelona Remix)
Sisters Of Transistors - The Don (Hot Chip Remix)
Sneaky Sound System - When We Were Young (Shazam Remix)
The Death Set - Negative Thinking (Treasure Fingers Remix)
The Notwist - Boneless (Panda Bear Remix)
The Pixies - Hey (Diplo’s Devil Remix)
Kings Of Leon - Knocked Up (Lykke Li vs. Rodeo Remix)
Britney Spears VS Department of Eagles - No One Womanizes Like You  (The Hood Internet Mash Up)
Symbolone - Love Juice (Danger TV Remix)
Leon Jean Marie - You Must Know (James Pants Inst.)
Poni Hoax - Hypercommunication (Joakim S Cartoon Muscles Remix)
J.Viewz - Smooth Criminal (Bugz In The Attic Vocal Mix)
The Concretes - Keep Yours (Pacific Remix)
Masta Ace - Sittin On Chromo (Mr Flash Sittin On Cr02 Remix)
Ladytron - Runaway (Ashtar Command Remix)
Kelpe - Bread Machine Bred (Zombie Zombie Remix)

Hey YOU! Your comments keep this blog alive! A penny for your thoughts?

Other Hardcore Mixtapes : Uno, Dos

The song title does connote a come-hither feel, but really, it's good. I wouldn't post it if it weren't # 1 on Elbo.ws most popular tracks for the day! Check it out!

And she goes wild! This is a pretty good cover on a Beirut favorite. Check it out (and download it if you dig)

Over at Empire, I heard the news of this Twilight star's upcoming project, a biopic of my longtime favorite artist Joan Jett.

I do agree with the "idea" that she may be one of the key reasons why Twilight is currently sucking up tons of cash all over the world, but it's pretty eminent that Kristen Stewart has stressed it to her fans that she doesn't want a blockbuster career. "As evidenced by today’s announcement of her first post-Twilight, non-Twilight, Twilight-isn’t-involved-at-all-so-please-stop-screaming project"

She has signed on to play Joan Jett in The Runaways, a biopic of the rise and fall of Jett’s  rock band in the 1970s, which lasted for four years before falling apart due to the usual creative differences and recriminations about money, power, and management.

More of the news, here.

It's Britney Spears -- dancing. This obviously can't outstand her better videos like I'm Slave 4 U, Toxic, Me Against The Music and Break the Ice (even Womanizer). But, in fairness, it does the job. Could use a bit more pizazz. Watch it for yourself in full screen INSIDE THIS POST!!

The Nominees for the 51st Annual Grammy Awards were announced last night. And now, TBT has the full list!

It doesn't take a Nostradamus to guess that it's Weezy's year! Lil Wayne's scored a total of 8 nominations. Not to far behind is Coldplay with 7. Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and Kanye West each earned 6. Leona Lewis, Rihanna, Adele also earned 3 or more nominations.

Here are a few of the Categories and the nominees below.

Check the Full list of Grammy Nominees: Click HERE

Record Of The Year

* Chasing Pavements - Adele
* Viva La Vida - Coldplay
* Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
* Paper Planes - M.I.A
* Please Read The Letter - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

Album Of The Year

* Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends - Coldplay
* Tha Carter III - Lil Wayne
* Year Of The Gentleman - Ne-Yo
* Raising Sand - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
* In Rainbows - Radiohead

Song Of The Year

* American Boy - Estelle Featuring Kanye West
* Chasing Pavements - Adele Adkins
* I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
* Love Song - Sara Bareilles
* Viva La Vida - Coldplay

Best New Artist

* Adele
* Duffy
* Jonas Brothers
* Lady Antebellum
 * Jazmine Sullivan

Field 1 — Pop

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

* Chasing Pavements - Adele
* Love Song - Sara Bareilles
* Mercy - Duffy
* Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
* I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry
* So What - Pink

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance

* All Summer Long - Kid Rock
* Say - John Mayer
* That Was Me - Paul McCartney
* I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
* Closer - Ne-Yo
* Wichita Lineman - James Taylor

Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals

* Viva La Vida - Coldplay
* Waiting In The Weeds -Eagles
* Going On - Gnarls Barkley
* Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon 5
* Apologize - OneRepublic

Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals

* Lesson Learned - Alicia Keys and John Mayer
* 4 Minutes - Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
* Rich Woman - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
* If I Never See Your Face Again - Rihanna and Maroon 5
* No Air - Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown

Lily Allen is back with her new single 'The Fear' from her album, It's Not Me, It's You. In the video, Miss Allen goes from trailer trash to high class in a span of well... uhmm, 15 seconds perhaps? Complete with moving presents, loads of butlers that "suprisingly" dance like pros and of course Lily Allen looking absolutely fantastic.
This video is a must-see.

Lykke Li feat. OK Ma - Soul Repair

Its not really THAT new , a few days old actually, but I can't help myself but be enamored once again with this Swedish pop (?) -slash-indie princess collab with OK_Ma. I don't know if many blogs have posted this, but I think there's only a few so get it on the action.

"After a few months outta the studio we are now back putting final touches to our longplayer, to let ya know that we are still alive here is a new Ok_Ma track for ya'll, a warm, squelchy, winter 4/4 chugger!

Featuring Swedish pop princess Lykke Li who rocks this track that we only finished last week."

So Jay-Z does more tracks with SantoGOld, and this one is freshly squeezed. I guess this word is overused, but whatever. Jay-Z makes me do little jumping jacks of my own. Hooray!

I've included the original collaboration plus a Girl Problems Bmore Fix for you to enjoy. Mmm - mmm.

I love most of Robyn's works but when it comes to collaborations, I prefer "Sensual Seduction".
In itself this one is a great track nonetheless. 3.5 stars out of 5!

Were not having snow here, but I'm still psyched for Christmas!

Here's a track for y'all Yuletide lovers. No commentaries needed. Just good 'ole Fiona Apple for the track.

So, I saw Bolt with my brother, not because of John Travolta or Disney pop princess Miley Cyrus but Jenny Lewis.

Nope, I'm not kidding. Jenny Lewis is one of the prime reasons I urged myself to make some time to watch the flick. There is a lot of talent from this unique lass and I have to admit that her second solo effort, Acid Tongue, is a hit. Her song for the movie, Barking in the Moon could very well be nominated for an award, maybe an Oscar. And the movie is adorable, and fun. Maybe more than what you expect.

More details on the movie, here.
Got the track from Persona Sauna.

Memorable Moments in Diva Fashion History

Beyoncé has had me scratching my head ever since she started promoting her new album. First, she glued that metal glove to her hand (popularized by goddess kylie Minogue, BTW), then wore avant-garde looks by Gareth Pugh and Thierry Mugler that were much less sasha-fierce than bewildering. Whether you like her recent fashion choices or not, they're not going to be forgotten anytime soon (haha). Read in on the many memorable moments in Diva Fashion History, courtesy of NYmag and Example.

Go inside for more.

Barbra Streisand caused quite a stir when she wore a see-through sequined pants ensemble to the Oscars. This style was then copied later by Britney Spears (from what I remember were the most opaque pants ever) for her infamous 2007 Video Music Awards performance.

Ah, Tina Turner. Where do I begin? The diva was known for her legs and her hair (arguably a wig fluffed in the dryer). Though this outfit doesn't look far off from something Rihanna might wear today.

"Cher's sailor-laden "If I Could Turn Back Time" video is one of the best ever. The fishnet body stocking she wore under a barely-there black one-piece bathing suit caused such a stir when it came out in 1989 that MTV eventually would only play the video after 9 p.m. That outfit also sold quite a few aerobics tapes." - NYMAG

Cyndi Lauper wearing one of her signature bright dresses with bold accessories on the cover of her She's So Unusual album. God, I swear I love the eighties.

"Janet Jackson wanted to convey socially conscious messages in her Rhythm Nation album in 1989. So maybe she ditched the sexy clothes so people would pay attention to the words coming out of her mouth. All that was almost forgotten when the Super Bowl happened." - NYMAG

Madonna hasn't received the most favorable reviews for her recent fashion choices, which are by and large forgettable compared to the Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra she wore on her Blond Ambition tour. What a way to usher in the nineties. - NYMAG

Totally agreeable. Those cones are imprinted in everyones minds, I'm sure. And now for the oblogatory .gif. Ta-daaah!


Eventually Courtney Love would get a glam makeover and a nose job. But before all that, she traipsed around looking, well, ruined. Her music video for "Violet" is a prime example. - NYMAG

It's hard to remember a time when Mariah didn't dress like a sexpot, but it's even harder to forget the video that started it all, for "Honey." Fresh off her divorce from Tommy Mottola, Mariah looked better -- and barer -- than ever. God, Mariah looks so good in that video. :)

In the year 2000, Jennifer Lopez gave everyone a reason to remember the Grammys. Her boobs in that Versace dress are still a marvel of modern fashion engineering (and tape). This I always see in "Fashion Faux pas"-like articles.

Not long after she went solo, Gwen Stefani began parading around with a group of Harajuku girls and trying to dress like one herself. Still have not forgiven her.

M.I.A. has wowed us with her fashion choices, but probably never in a good way. Here, she performs at Coachella in 2005 looking like the Saved by the Bell theme song. - NYMAG

This is Christina Aguilera trying to level with Britney's Toxic era. Before Christina Aguilera discovered the joys of holy matrimony and motherhood, she went through her dark phase of self-discovery. But the arse, good lawwwd!

It pains me to look at this picture, especially since Britney Spears has her career back on track these days. This was utterly embarrassing, even for the viewers part. I had to change the channel because of this image. Sorry Brit.

At the Video Music Awards this year, Rihanna performed with a wad of toilet paper dangling from her derriere. We love Riri, but hasn't anyone ever told her sometimes it's okay to just wear less stuff? - NYMAG

Oh, B. You don't have to point. We can see that thing from the nosebleed section. - NYMAG

Andre Leon Talley (this guy I always see in runway shows and on Vogue *of course) and Jay-Z FYT :)

"Only one thing in the world could've dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window."

1. Jack Nicholson was originally offered the role of the father in the movie, which eventually went to Darren McGavin.

2. The story's author, Jean Shepherd, has a cameo in the film as an irritable department store customer who tells Ralphie to head to the back of the line.
3. Even though the house, 3159 West 11th St., appears in the film, almost all the interiors were shot elsewhere on a soundstage.
4. Shepherd's Christmas stories originally appeared in Playboy magazines in 1965 and 1967.
5. Two years before directing a "A Christmas Story," Bob Clark had a hit with "Porky's." (On a sad note, Clark and his son Ariel were killed in a car accident in California in 2007.)
6. Brian Jones bought the "A Christmas Story" house for $150,000 in 2004 and spent $250,000 to fix it up.
7. In 1983, the movie made a respectable $19 million at the box office.
8. The annual "A Christmas Story" marathon on TBS attracts 40 million viewers.
9. The school where Flick gets his tongue stuck to a flagpole was filmed in Ontario, Canada.
10. More than 70,000 people have been through the house in Tremont. They have come from all 50 states and more than a dozen other countries.
11. Director Clark has a cameo as clueless neighbor Swede.
12. West 11th Street is also known as Cleveland Street in honor of the movie.
13. All the elves in the movie were Cleveland locals.
14. The filmmakers determined that the exact Red Ryder BB gun that Shepherd describes -- Ralphie's dream gift -- didn't exist. A model was created for the movie.
15. The "A Christmas Story" sequel, "My Summer Story" (released at the box office as "It Runs in the Family"), was also shot at the house on West 11th Street in 1994. It features an almost entirely different cast, including Charles Grodin as the Old Man, Mary Steenburgen as Ralphie's mother and Kieran Culkin as Ralphie.
16. The A Christmas Story House and its neighboring museum and gift shop employ 12 people seasonally.
17. Two marriage proposals were made in the house, and one couple was married there wearing 1941 period clothing in 2007.
18. An eBay auction awards the winning bidder the opportunity to spend a night in the house on Christmas Eve. Bidding is ongoing.
19. A 1938 Oldsmobile touring sedan that was seen in the parade scene in the movie sits in the garage behind the gift shop.
20. Is that really snow on the ground in the movie? No. It's firefighting foam. Actors and crew slipped and slid around on the stuff during filming.
21. After the scene in which Ralphie drops his f-bombs, his mom washes out his mouth with soap. Lifebuoy soap to be exact. And yes, they sell the soap imported from England in the gift shop.
22. After the movie was shot, the house became a rental, and many different people lived there until it was bought and restored by Brian Jones.
23. According to staff at the Christmas Story House, before the shooting of the movie, the house's basement was home to many an illegal cockfight.
24. Author Shepherd is the movie's narrator.
25. Jim Moralevitz, who played the role of the delivery man who brings the leg lamp crate to the house, was a local extra who still lives on the street.

**We watched Christmas Story tonight. We found it somewhat inspirational. :)

The Biggest Egos In The Music Industry

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Kanye West

West claims he's the voice of his generation. He compares himself to Michael Jordan. He bitches loudly and publicly when he doesn't win awards. He's not afraid to use his real name. Whether or not he is his generation’s defining voice, it’s clear that he definitely has its biggest ego.

Me: Kanye has an ego because he's so short. Little man syndrome. Like those guys in the gym who are midgets but work out sooo much because they think it will make them look ~taller~ ... lol I think Kanye's "ego" is actually a combination of insecurity and being a serious perfectionist.


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Any dude who can meet with world leaders one weekend and then have two 19-year olds sit on his lap the next has a BIG ego. Bono's life is dedicated to bigness. He sings big anthems, not songs. He's out to save rock ’n’ roll and the world. He's not just a rock star; he’s a messiah, at least to himself. And, yes, I'm a little jealous.

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John Lennon
How huge was John Lennon's ego? He said his band was bigger than Jesus. What more proof do you need? Even Kanye hasn’t gone that far. By the way, this week the Vatican finally forgave Lennon for his 1966 dis. Those guys can hold a grudge.

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Noel and Liam Gallagher
Oasis' brothers spent most of the '90s claiming they were the best band in the world and boasting how they saved British rock from ruin. They also spent a lot of time writing songs "inspired" by a lot of other British rock. It takes a big ego to remake Beatles songs and call them your own.

ME: I don't care that oasis are full of themselves, they make me laugh with the ridiculous things they say.

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Madonna's ego is so big she believes that she can actually stop time. The Material Girl is on a never-ending quest to be forever twenty-something. Her bionic limbs are the first step toward immortality. Her insistence on pretending to be the teen pop star of the moment is the second step. The third? It probably will have something to do with her next boy toy.

Me: Madonna, act your age. No botox can fix those varicose veins of yours.

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Terence Trent D'Arby
You might not remember this late-'80s nouveau RNB artist. He made a debut album in 1987 that many thought was brilliant, especially him. D'Arby liked it so much he announced that he was going to be bigger than the Beatles. That's why you don't remember him. The Beatles saying they're bigger than Jesus? OK. Emerging R&B star saying he's bigger than the Beatles? Not OK.

Me: Who this?