This new one from Kid Cudi featuring Kanye West was premiered recently in KIISFM and was said to be the first single from Cudi's forthcoming album Man On The Moon II: Legend Of Mr. Rager. Hey, what about REVOFEV? This sounds entirely un-Kid Cudi to me, if there's a word for it. Kanye says the word "diarrhea" (verbal diarrhea you mean?). It's something mainstream hip-hop or rap would sound, of which I'm not sure is a good thing. Radio rip is okay, a decent 160 mbps so you stream and download it. Credits to P&P.

Download ♫ Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West - Erase Me

Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West- Erase Me (Radio Rip) by Thieves By Tuesday

Nike Sportswear and the great people over at The Fader got together for the Pitch Perfect project where they’ll be giving away mixes from each continent (well, except Antarctica). A week ago the first mixtape for the series came from Maga Bo and made South America their muse. Today we get Sinden's Europe mix which features Jamtech Foundation with the Zombie Disco Squad remix of their “Too Fast” track.

This is what they have to say:
There are 47 countries in Europe—almost as many individual nations as there are states in the United States. It’s an imaginary umbrella covering a disparate continent. What’s the same about Galicia and Amsterdam? Prague and Oslo? Europe has mountain ranges and crazy beaches, consistent sun and perpetual fog. And while it may have a long entangled history, a plethora of exports, specialties and pastimes, what it is now known for is a ravenous appetite for dance music. Every corner of Europe has its own breed of bass, its specific sliver of drum love—there is hardly a nook without its own signature beat. For our Pitch Perfect Europe mixtape, British selector and producer Sinden takes a survey of what’s newest and greatest, with a slant on Europe’s beloved house music. It may only represent a fraction of the continent’s offerings, but wherever you live, we promise it sounds extra fresh.

♫ Nike Sportswear and The FADER’s Pitch Perfect Mixtape #2: Europe by Sinden (direct link)

Here's the tracklist:

♫ Sinden & WAFA, “Afrodizzier” (United Kingdom)
♫ Gregor Salto & Mokoomba, “Messe Messe (Afro Dub)” (Netherlands)
♫ Bok Bok, “Dance Report” (United Kingdom)
♫ Canblaster, “No 23″ (France)
♫ Bambounou, “Nappyhead” (France)
♫ Jamtech Foundation, “Too Fast (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)” (Sweden)

Also I'm featuring another sexy Pitch Perfect for North America

♫ Nike Sportswear and The FADER’s Pitch Perfect Mixtape #5: North America by Chief Boima (direct link)

♫ Los Rakas, “Abrazame (Uproot Andy Remix)” (United States/Panama/Canada)
♫ Mr. OK, “Poto Mitan” (Canada/Haiti)
♫ M.anifest, “Swing Low” (United States/Ghana)
♫ Tabi Bonney, “Tick… Tick” (United States/Togo)
♫ Toy Selectah, “Half Colombian-Half Mexican Bandit” (Mexico)
♫ Dubbel Dutch, “Throwback” (United States)
♫ Kush Arora, “Humidifier Jammer Club Edit” (United States)
♫ Rita Indiana, “Poderes” (United States/Dominican Republic)
♫ Theophilus London and Janka Nabay, “Don’t Be Afraid” (United States/Trinidad and Tobago)

And the rest of The Fader and Nike Sportwear's genius mixtapes.

The mp3 can be found over at RCRD LBL and I suggest picking up the whole EP here.

Photo Courtesy
Imma be busy this incoming week. Here's something to keep your ears on fire.

♫ Kid Cudi - Revofev | Damn yeah! New Cudi track that keeps playing over and over in my head. Way better than that Bieber kid's song. Thank God I got over that.

♫ Miike Snow - The Rabbit | I do try to keep up with the news jams that keep coming out but in this one, I've been late in hitting the tidal wave. Finally the group will hint us with the rabbit's meaning of their logo. I'm telling you, check the video below!

♫ Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light | The flamboyant glam-pop might turn some music fans off but this track certainly starts and ends with a bang, even with the added glitter.

♫ Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill | The second track off their album, Plastic Beach, is as soothing and catchy at the same time. Unfortunately I couldn't find a decent copy of their music video as their label is notorious for taking down clips, so this mp3 should suffice. Hit me a comment when you find a link to the video.

♫ Metric - All Yours (Eclipse OST) | The movie franchise Twilight gave the music world a little shake and surprise when their New Moon Eclipse OST featured the likes of Thom Yorke and Grizzly Bear. Now once again, they feature Beck, Bat for Lashes, Vampire Weekend and my personal favorite, Metric.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[FEATURE] Tallest Trees

The Nashville-based group Tallest Trees have an upcoming album called The Ostrich or the Lark and they have given you a chance to sample their songs. If you haven't heard of them, their music has an affinity for misplaced instruments, clashing harmonies, yet all of it works into an entertaining piece. Here's what they say:

It’s kind of like “listening” to your little brother's coloring book -- lots of colors, most of them outside the lines, and the occasional slightly demented editing to the characters, but, for some reason, all the dogs and birds look normal.

To know all there is to know about this group and their music, visit their site.

Tallest Trees - Alouette! by Other Electricities

Stars came back last week with The Five Ghosts, their fifth album and first on their own record label, Soft Revolution Records. I didn't have big expectations as those who think the album will be as "embellished and grandiose" but the hooks are sharp and their themes of love and death, and the death of love are more than enough.

♫ Stars - Fixed (via Amazon)


Yes, Diplo is an unsung master in the remix world. I don't know if you have heard his insane Sia remix, so here's 2 tracks of Diplo with Borgore and Gucci Mane to blow your mind. AND GUESS WHAT. It keeps getting better because I have the uber fresh tracks from The Chemical Brothers' called Dissolve and a new track off Stars' upcoming album entitled We Don't Want Your Body. Another two from the French soul electropop artists Hypnolove. Cisco Adler and Shwayze's California Girl and a Hypercrush remix of the recent Katy Perry mainstream hit. The tracks in this recent WEEKLIES edition are killing it - you better believe it babe.

This post is dedicated to the awesome Oskar of No Modest Bear. I've said it once and I'll say it again - his music tase is IMPECCABLE. Drop by his blog! Cheers! :)

If it ran out of bandwidth: DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE THING HERE

♫ Diplo and Borgore - Sunsets (Original mix)
♫ Gucci Mane - Break Yourself feat Lil B (Diplo remix)
♫ The Chemical Brothers - Dissolve
♫ Stars - We Don't Want Your Body
♫ Hypnolove - Get To Know the Girl feat. Feist
♫ Hypnolove - Eurolove
♫ Katy Perry - California Gurls (HYPERCRUSH remix)
♫ Cisco Adler - California Girl feat. Shwayze

Love Cass Bird.

Well the first trailer for Sofia Coppola's new film, Somewhere is out. For me, any new work from the director of The Virgin Suicides and Lost In Translation is a cause for excitement and celebration, but for the general population of music lovers, there's that extra sweet trimming worth waiting for. If you haven't heard the news, buzz band Phoenix will be doing the score/soundtrack for the film, obviously because they are out-of-this world awesome, but also seemingly because lead singer Thomas Mars is Ms. Coppola’s baby daddy and hubby. Watch the trailer below:

The song you hear playing over the wistfully-bathed trailer is Julian Casablancas' solo, bare and raw ‘You Only Live Once’ demo version of The Strokes‘ track “I’ll Try Anything Once.” The stripped down version of The Strokes' song is fit like a glove for Somewhere's trailer. And now, I am inevitably stoked to see what Phoenix has in store for the OST/score of the Somewhere.

I just recently discovered that for Sofia Coppola's 1999 debut feature film, The Virgin Suicides, she had another French band, Air, to score do the film's score. The movie, which is layered with specks of young, desperate love made great canvas for Air's eerie and aphrodisiacal music. Air's astoundingly beautiful work befits both as a score to the film and as a stand-alone album. Hopefully this post will be a fairly adequate to translate how hopeful I am that Phoenix's work for Ms. Coppola's new film track will equate or even better her previous film scores. Check them out below.

Julian Casablancas – I’ll Try Anything Once (You Only Live Once Demo Version) (From Somewhere Trailer)
Air – Playground Love (From The Virgin Suicides Soundtrack)
Air – Alone in Kyoto (From Lost In Translation Soundtrack)
Phoenix – Too Young (From Lost In Translation Soundtrack)
♫ Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset (From Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix)

How I Got Over, the 8th and most recent studio album from The Roots depicts a collaboration with a wide range of artists like John Legend, Joanna Newsom, My Morning Jacket vocalist Jim James and YES, Monsters of Folk. When you look at the eclectic selection of musician they work with, you are sure to get an A+ album with a unique and innovative funk and soul sound. These guys hail from Philadelphia, and its would be hard to be a hip-hop legends in Philly without being great pioneers in the music industry. I have the strongest feeling that by the end of the year, we'll be seeing this album, How I Got Over, dominating the Best of Albums of the Year lists. So before you get behind, grab yourselves a copy of the album. Stream and download their track, Right On featuring Joanna Newsom and STS and Dear God 2.0. And also, check out the video for Dear God 2.0

The Roots - Right on (featuring Joanna Newsom and STS)
♫ The Roots - Dear God 2.0 (via Indie Shuffle)

Avid readers of Thieves By Tuesday will know how much I adore Marina and the Diamonds and Grum. Although I got a little bit late on the I love Marina bandwagon, it doesn't make me any less of a fan. And Grum can do no wrong in my eyes. He makes one hot remix one after the other. Grum still keeps the original elements of "Oh No" but amping it up with funky bass beats!

Marina and the Diamonds - Oh No (Grum remix) (320 kbps)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sia - Clap Your Hands (Diplo remix)

No this is not Diplo. Just a similar depiction of my face when I heard this. Photo Courtesy

The ever so dependable Diplo with the the absolutely awesome dubstep of Sia's Clap Your Hands. I want to rape this song. I've never been the biggest dubstep fan but WTF?! I'm apeshite crazy over this. I feel like my brain is turning to mush but I wouldn't want it any other way. And this video - UNFFFFF. Whatever your argument is, it's invalid.

Sia - Clap Your Hands (Diplo remix)

You better check this mind-blowwwwwing video:

If you: work in the fashion industry / have a girlfriend who's obsessed with Vogue, W or any fashion magazine / stalk Jack White...

then the name Karen Elson is a name you must be all too familiar with.

This music newcomer has graced numerous fashion spreads and has walked the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier and Givenchy and those labels that sell gloves with the price of a fridge. The British model is also the long time girlfriend of Jack White (of The Raconteurs and The White Stripes). Karen Elson has released one of the most spellbinding yet eerie song for the season. Featured on her debut album, The Ghost Who Walks, the title track evokes feelings of old heartbreak songs that you imagine listening to you local radio station in a slightly clammy summer night.

♫ Karen Elson - The Ghost Who Walks

Drake‘s debut album, Thank Me Later came out last week. And with the release came loads of good critical reviews and as expected it shot to number one in the US, Canada, and the UK. Here is a track that did not make the album, the Kanye West produced “You Know You Know”. I can see why the track wasn’t included on the album. It would have been the most bombastic production on the album next to “Over”. Kanye West makes a good slamma-jamma with this track, as usual. Enjoy!

♫ Drake - You Know You Know (prod. by Kanye West)

Photo Credit

Waddling in cool pool water under the heat of the sun is definitely the best way to unwind - I recommend it to everyone! In high regard for the most fun I had yesterday in weeks, I post this sumptous Weeklies playlist. We have this fresh A-track song feat Kid Cudi, and also another one, though not exactly new is fun all the same - Kid Cudi's Make Her Say Sammy Bananas. You may also notice that most of this Weeklies post comprises much of Kid Cudi songs - well that's because when I think of FUN, I unconsciously associate Kid Cudi's music to those moments. I have so little time in my hands these days but I will try to post as much as I can :)

♫ Kid Cudi - Up Up and Away (The Wake and Bake Song)
♫ Miike Snow - Song for No One
♫ Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining
♫ A-Track feat. Kid Cudi - Catch Up
♫ Bob Marley - Is This Love? (Logic Dubstep Remix)
♫ Deerhunter - Octet (Simian Mobile Disco Rework)
♫ Kanye West - Brand New X Popular (Flipboitamidles Remix)
♫ Kid Cudi - Make Her Say Sammy Bananas

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

QUICKIE! Travie Mcoy + Cotton Jones

Cotton Jones has something good for all their fans - a new album! Tall Hours In The Glowstream will come out on August 24th via Suicide Squeeze. The first single from the album (cue drumroll):

♫ Cotton Jones – Glorylight and Christie

Before you turn this up, this is NSFW. I’m looking forward Travis AKA Travie McCoy’s new album “Lazarus” due out June 8 this year. His work with Gym Class Heroes was fun and I think his solo album has real potential. And it helps that Bruno Mars (of B.o.B. “Nothin’ On You” fame) belts put the song hook. The future debut EP release is due out in May.

♫ Travie McCoy Ft. Bruno Mars, T-Pain & Gucci Mane – Billionaire (Remix)

I'm talking about that song in Nike World Cup TVC song, from Focus called Hocus Pocus. And this one that I bring you is the freshly remixed version from Buffetlibre.

♫ Focus - Hocus Pocus (Buffetlibre Remix)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SALEM with King Night

Salem's opener/title track hits the interweb and shows the distinct influence UK's purple sound had on their music. Add up the eerie choir sound and synthesizers and you get this interestingly unique track from Salem. Their album King Night is out September 28 on IAMSOUND records.

SALEM - King Night

Get Lucky (Twelves Remix) - New Young Pony Club via Zshare (link removed)

I've heard the original and the remix is waaay better than it is, I must agree with TMTPC. These good-looking five piece electro band from London is a newly added fave to my list. New Young Pony Club slightly reminds us of Peaches, don't you agree? The track is the best in this list--now give it some love.

That's it for this week!

Here is the rest of the list:

NEW REMIX #1 : Madonna - "Music" (Groove Armada Remix)

NEW REMIX #2 : Frank Musik - When You're Around (Boys Noize Remix)

NEW REMIX #3 : Vampire Weekend - "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" (The Teenagers Remix)

NEW REMIX #4: The Killers - "Human" (Christian Vorbau Remix)

NEW REMIX #5 : M.I.A. - Planes Booty (Atomic Hooligan Remix)

NEW REMIX #6 : Radiohead - "Reckoner" (Diplo Remix)

Pitchfork shared over at Twitter the new video of Crystal Castles' Celestica. The duo's self-titled sophomore effort has their trademark Goth and haunting sound. It's directed by
CC's Ethan Kath and R. Hawkins, featuring children from the London College of Music scrapping about and playing their instruments in London's Abney Park Cemetery. Check it out below!

Photo Source

I think I haven't posted on her yet, so I'm going to share one of the most talented soulful singers I've heard. And Nina is really good live, even if I got to hear only 1 song from her. Anyway, she's a Filipino singer and although most her songs are covers, they are in a league of their own. Her sound is pristine and soulful yet delicate which makes her a wave in the local music industry. I'll post more from her soon.

Nina - Cold Summer Nights

Don Diablo's Who's Your Daddy is the first single from his internationally released album, 'Exit Studio Sweatshop'. The single drops August 2 and the video is RIGHT HERE. It's something to watch, if pinks dinosaurs or extremelyIf you want to see a pink dinosaurs, extremely flexible ladies or talking body parts are your thing.

Check out these track too, over at Soundcloud.

♫ Don Diablo - Who's Your Daddy (A. Skillz Remix)
♫ Don Diablo - Who's Your Daddy (Black Noise Remix)

This new Basia Bulat is perfection. Canada must be so proud of having this musical enigma a resident of Ontario. Her sophomore effort, Heart of My Own was released in January 2010. Here is her fresh track, The Shore.

Basia Bulat - The Shore

Another favorite of mine, her cover of Daniel Johnstons' True Love Will Find You In The End.

♫ Basia Bulat - True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston cover) via Thanks Captain Obvious


Why this post? Why, Solitude is Bliss happens to be a hit highlight and fan favorite from Tame Impala, an Australian psychedelic rockers outfit, which is off their album Innerspeaker. Another Aussie, DJ duo Canyons, remixed the tune adding bits of hand drums.

MP3/Stream: Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss (Canyons Remix) via RCRDLBL

The mood I've been in for the past few days has been really good because Monday will be a free day for me! Plus the excitement is building up inside knowing that True Blood will be on this Sunday. I'm getting the popcorn and the mounds of pillows ready for a fun night. Enjoy the Weeklies Playlist everyone!

From the Eclipse OST
♫ Beck And Bat For Lashes - Let’s Get Lost
♫ Vampire Weekend - Jonathan Low
♫ Sia - My Love
♫ UNKLE - With You In My Head (Feat. The Black Angels)

I think Summit Entertainment is trying to make up for the probable bad acting in Eclipse with an absolutely luscious soundtrack. Yep, I definitely think so.

♫ Casio Kids - Finn Bikkjen

I totally have no idea what the song is about but according to a friend, No Modest Bear, "It's about finding a puppy. The one who finds it gets the awesomest award." This just made me smile.

♫ The Roots - The Fire Ft John Legend

I cannot wait until How I Got Over hits the stores June 22nd. This track definitely upped the anticipation of a lot of The Roots fans.

♫ Stars - Wasted Daylight
♫ The Sandwiches - Song of Songs
♫ Dum Dum Girls - Bang Bang, I'm a Burnout
♫ Japandroids - Younger Us
♫ Pantha Du Prince - Welt Am Draht (Animal Collective Remix)
♫ All Saints Day - You Can't Be Alone

These new babies just blew me away. The All Saints Day is a collaboration between 2 individuals from prime groups--Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls and Gregg Foreman of Cat Power. Even if they must have been posted countless of times, especially Dum Dum Girls and Animal Collective's remix of Welt Am Draht, I'd still post them cause they're that good. Props to Gorilla VS Bear.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

[FEATURE] Them:Youth

Touted by NME, Sunday Times and Artrocker to be the one to watch out for this year, Them:Youth declares October 2010 as D Day for the release of their most awaited full length effort. These rockers from London are definitely out to make some noise in the industry.

The new single, entitled Fever Rising comes out in digital format by July 2010 through Big Hand Recordings. The track is all festival-euphoria and songwriting substance neatly crafted into a song.

Gone are the references to bands like The Doves and Delphic - this is definitely nothing like they have ever embarked on before. In its place, we get consumed instead by a new urgent sound. And you will recognize it. It is the yearning that makes you cry out, the anthem you will carry with you. This is the fierce epicness that swallows you whole.

Witness, exhibit number one and two:

Them:Youth - Fever Rising

Them:Youth - Lost n Lonely (Castaway remix)

If you dig these tracks, download the madness here brought to you by Them:Youth
and Channel 3. Do support Them:Youth!

These guys I dig. I reckon you will too.

Suckers released their debut full-length album Wild Smile on June 8th via Frenchkiss Records, to great reviews thus far. The new record is a quirky spaced-out trip through the melodramatic minds of guitar-wielding, vocal-duty sharing cousins Austin Fisher and Quinn Walker, multi-instrumentalist Pan and drummer Brian Aiken. With effortless allusions to African rhythms and synth-saturated ballads of old, Suckers combine influences to offer their signature sound to Wild Smile.


Extra: Dodge & Fuski - Pornstep feat The Highbury Whores

SIA does a covers the Madonna hit "Oh, Father" , and the results are...

Like chalk and cheese. In a good way.

First, let me just stress how I strongly agree that this Madonna song from her hit album Like A Prayer in 1989 is way underrated. "Oh Father" is the 13th song from Sia’s fourth studio album ‘We Are Born’ which has leaked online one week ahead of it’s official release. The album was penned almost entirely by Sia herself, but it does contain a cover of Madonna’s late-80′s classic and ode to child abuse “Oh Father”.

I like the way Sia puts her own spin to the mellow and painful ballad and albeit it seems a little fast in tempo compared to Madonna's, the effect is distinctively different. Sia removed the piano and the strings from the original version, her vocal delivery renders the much necessary drama for the intriguing child abuse-themed track. Aptly eerie and haunting, this cover really shows how Sia made this one her own and not a total copy of the original. Bravo!

Sia’s We Are Born will be available for purchase in Australia on June 18, followed by the States on June 22. While waiting, check “Oh Father” below.

♫ Madonna - Oh Father

♫ Sia - Oh Father(Madonna cover)

I have yet to hear The Chemical Brothers' new album 'Further' in full, but this mp3 of Swoon is enough to entice me with this mingle-mangle of electro and techno sub-genres that will grasps anyone's consciousness towards inevitable high. The duo's sound is the new-but-old type I am extremely fond of---the fresh sound that still has faint traces of their origins as a mixing duo. Their 7th album (WOW!) will be release this 22nd of June so watch out for it.

As evidenced by the immense success of their sold-out Roundhouse shows, The Chemical Brothers is giving away a BREAND NEW Apple iPad complete with the full audio and visual version of 'Further'. Details here.

Their video for Swoon is not bad either and reminds me a bit of that artsy Breakbot video. A Don Diablo remix of Swoon, below.

♫ The Chemical Brothers - Swoon

Photo Credit

Tick-tock, tick-tock.. How fast time goes. And we're pretty much halfway through 2010! The year has been, as I mentioned in my Summer Mixtape, a catalyst of new beginnings for me, as well as changes. To those who have been folowwing this blog since it's baby steps, there is a radical difference in it's look and content. Now, I'll be focusing majority on music and then the culture posts will follow.

In light of the topic of this post, I'd like to share a little thing I've learned from someone. They say you can't call mashup artists as artists as they do not create the music but collect music and from there make something out of it. A statement that was raised was, "Does a guitarist make his own guitar like an artist makes his own art?" No he does not. But the guitar, you see Anonymous friend, is a medium for the guitarist to make his art. I know some are torn with this idea but I sincerely believe it takes much talent, even equating to the best musicians we have now, to create mashups that sound new and fresh despite the familiarity of the tracks it uses. And they also walk the thin thread of not being to different that the listener finds no trace of the previous song essence.

I rarely post music that I share for the sake of sharing without that bit of love I feel for the artist or the track. This post breathes the highest respect and applause I can give for these mashup artists, and you'll understand what I'm talking about when you give these babies a listen. These mashups and remixes are the most heavenly and ironically sinful ones I got hold of this week. And yes, they're that good. Perfect for low key and high energy events, just take your pick. Most of the names you see may sound familiar as I have posted them previously like Mochi Beats, The White Panda, Major Lazer, XXXchange, RAC and The Hood Internet. And some may be new to your ears. And here I post one of the best I've heard from the new wave of mashups circulating. Introducing Chi Duly and MashMaticians. These guys have the innate ability to mix the unusual. They may sound a bit awkward at first but they make it work once you listen to the full track. Then when you play it on repeat, I guarantee you, you will love them. The other artists I've failed to mention have been given the attention they deserve so I'll leave you guys with this short post. In no particular order...

(The tracks may not be available for listening but you can download via mediafire link, below.)


Mochi Beats – California Nightlife (Katy Perry, Cyndi Lauper, Huey, Laidback Luke and Colby O’Donis mashup)
Notorious B.I.G vs. Aloe Blacc - Juicy Dollars (DJ Dizzy Mashup)
Chi Duly - The Fly Scientist (Drake vs Coldplay)
Nas & Damian Marley – As We Enter (Tinie Tempah Remix)
Robyn vs Salt N Pepa – Push It Fembot (A Rokk Pie N Mash Up)
White Panda - Ready for My Neck, My Back
The Hood Internet - Ignition (Keep It Remixing Louder) (R Kelly vs Major Lazer)
Mashmaticians - Roc Juice (Jay-Z vs Symbol One)
Major Lazer & La Roux – Bulletproof (Nacey Remix ft. Matt Hemerlein)
The Hood Internet – Oh My Kids (Usher vs Sleigh Bells)
Kristen Wiig (Feat. Lightspeed Champion) - Champion (RAC Mix)
Kylie Minoge - All The Lovers (XXXChange Remix)
Dr. Dre vs. Miley Cyrus – The Next Episode (DJ Pinto Mash/remix)
Brand-X – 99 Problems Can’t Stop (Queen x RHCP x Jay-Z Mashup)
David Guetta & Chris Willis ft. Fergie & LMFAO – Gettin Over You (Sidney Samson Remix)
Ha! Yes - 80's Overnight (Twista vs Calvin Harris)
Mashup - Germany – Replay Kids (Chiddy Bang vs. MGMT vs. Iyaz)
Plushgun – Mixtapes (Buffetlibre Remix)
Mos Def with Desmond Dekker & The Aces - History Town (Mos Dub Mashup)
Daft Punk vs Banda Do Sul - Sweet World Of Mine (Voidstar Mashup)
Ludacris vs Ke$ha - $hwagger Jagger (Pres Mashup)
Chambaland - Downtight (Stevie Wonder vs Jay Sean)
Rubik - Wasteland (RAC mix)

Take a couple of minutes to support my remix/mashup habit. Subscribe to my feed here. :)

The Perms' new video for their track Running Away may look like they have taken a cue from the 70's era and those live LIVE performances we used to see, but their sound says otherwise. The powerpop, indie and rock fusion makes for a catchy sound. Check it!

Buy their music over at Insound

Wakey! Wakey!'s fellow Family Records artist Casey Shea is back with a new track, 'Love Is Here To Stay' and a new video for Elephants.

Casey Shea spent a handful of years fronting rock bands in Tallahassee and Nashville before setting out for New York City to focus on a solo career. A gifted performer with undeniable charm, Casey delivers his songs in a unique way that earns him an audience's devotion. Think Bill Murray meets John Lennon. Melody drives diverse songwriting that is at once quirky and heart wrenching, and the result is a rare treat that is both musically gratifying and raucously entertaining.

The charismatic front man has built a six piece band around his solo material where influences such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Beck and Tom petty shine through in an original sound with an uncommon familiarity right off the bat.

Casey Shea - Love is Here To Stay

So far, I've been loving Arcade Fire's new album The Suburbs, especially the title track The Suburbs. There were mixed reviews of The Suburbs track, and same goes for Month of May but I am drop dead, head-over feet, smitten with their new album. I wasn't able to properly give a review to their track The Suburbs though, but all I can say is that its muy perfecto. Although I'm embarrassed to say that I've heard their music about 2 years ago and have not seen them live (since I am obviously halfway around the world), I definitely am a big time fan of the group. Long road trips with my family with Arcade Fire in the background always rouses candid and stimulating conversations. I've had good memories with their music playing in the background and I think this may have been a factor as to why I love this group so much. Anyhow, back to the review.

Ready to Start is definitely a fun in a bob-your-head and blast-off kinda way. While I was listening to the song I literally had done a bit of those moves in Breakfast Club when they were all dancing and Blender was really getting his groove on and all. Okay, not a pretty picture but you get the point. Not too hyped up but easy to groove to. We Used to Wait stimulates the listener with the affable piano played throughout the whole track. I'm pretty sure that piano tune is evocative of their Dark Was the Night track, Lenin. You think so too, do you?

The Arcade Fire- Ready To Start
The Arcade Fire- We Used To Wait

Here is also the confirmed tracklisting for Arcade Fire's new album The Suburbs is confirmed and we thought you might like to have a look.

01 The Suburbs
02 Ready To Start
03 Modern Man
04 Rococo
05 E mpty Room
06 City With No Children
07 Half Light I
08 Half Light II (No Celebration)
09 Suburban War
10 Month Of May
11 Wasted Hours
12 Deep Blue
13 We Used To Wait
14 Sprawl I (Flatland)
15 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
16 The Suburbs (Continued)

The Suburbs is out August 2nd in the UK and August 3rd in the US and Canada. Buy their album at Insound

Myspace and their website.

Eric Stevenson dropped me a straight-to-the-point message about the one man Piano band, Pocket Vinyl:

Here are 3 tracks of this fascinating one-man piano band, Pocket Vinyl with Eric Stevenson shouldering the performance of a whole group on his vocal and piano talent. Other than that, he also plays the harmonica and guitar. Whew! Pocket Vinyl has been very generous and gave the m4as of his new album, Protagonist, free to download! The track "4 Legs Good, 2 Legs Better" is in his EP called the "PV EP" which you can access on his Myspace page.

♫ 4 Legs Good, 2 Legs Better
♫ That Old Familiar Tune
♫ Stand Point Theory

Download the ZIP file of their tracks here.

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Lissie performing Kid Cudi's "Pursuit Of Happiness" at the end of her Brighton Great Escape gig May 2010. And I see she likes whiskey :) Her single & album "Catching A Tiger" out 21st June in UK. Pre-order via Amazon or Insound.

Keep track of her on Myspace.

Thank You Mira Ruido

It's a video superpost! WOOT WOOT!

Katy Perry - California Gurls appears to have affinity for generous derrière.

MGMT - It's Working | Above is the video of the tracks off MGMT's zeitgeist-eschewing sophomore album Congratulations, It's Working. The video is not the best of quality but you'd surely love the fun yet depth presented by the video. Ben dressed as a girl - now that's random. Other than the extreme randomness, the ultra-hip and retro esque feel makes us think, are they trying to confuse for the sake of confusing? Check the best resolution of the video in Who Is MGMT!

Dum Dum Girls - Bang Bang I'm a Burnout | The brand new video for Dum Dum Girls' "Bhang Bhang, I'm A Burnout", directed by Christin Turner, is as perfect a visual companion to the song as I could have imagined. Girls dancing, colorful layers, sunshine — what more could one ask for?

Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss| The debut single from Tame Impala's forthcoming album 'InnerSpeaker', directed by Megaforce. 'InnerSpeaker' is released on May 21 (AUS) and June 8 (US).

OK Go - End Love | Gotta love stop motion!

Like Francis Magalona's tattoos, the Master Rapper of the Philippines has undoubtedly left his mark on the hearts of Filipinos. Passing away at the age of 44, one can reminisce their high school days where they would rap without regards feeling the flames of nationalism burn stronger with every word coming out from their mouths. On Friday 12:20PM of March 6, 2009, he passed after battling against leukemia for almost 8 months. Obviously it isn't his death anniversary, but I'd just like to take this moment to show my gratitude to one of the musical pioneers of the Philippines who, despite his passing, continues to fan that flame of passion for our nation. Mabuhay ka Francis M!

♫ Francis Magalona - A Whole Lotta Lovin'
♫ Francis Magalona - 3 Stars and a Sun
♫ Francis Magalona - Kaleidoscope World

Our favorite Pop Techno Dance Babe from Sweden has given us a preview of ALL of her tracks from Body Talk Pt. 1 from Konichiwa Records. Robyn's album is recently released last June 14 so you can grab your copy at Amazon and Insound.

Body Talk Pt. 1 by robyn

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drake got Nicki Minaj Up All Night

DOUBLE - POW track! That's is all.

♫ Drake feat. Nicki Minaj - Up All Night (Produced by Boi Ida)

BONUS: ♫ The Magic Kids - Memphis

The playlist was titled as such because of my utmost love for Noah and the Whale's Blue Skies (The Twelves remix) track. Ergo, the title. I'm feeling so generous these days also because I am feeling so blah today (must be the rain) and I was hoping this little Weeklies Playlist I mixed up for you will give me a happy day tomorrow and that something I was hoping for that I'll find out if I'll get tomorrow. Plus another report coming up. I hate reporting, I always feel a bit awkward in front of an audience. Plus my nerves have never been any help to me at all. [End rant]

20 surefire tracks to pump up that otherwise eventless day so, here's for a happy one for you guys (and me)! Ciao loves!

♫ Crystal Castles - Suffocation (Memory Tapes Remix)
♫ Warpaint - Billie Holiday
♫ Cold Cave - Life Magazine (Delorean Remix)
♫ Hoodie Allen and Mike Posner - Evil Woman (remix 1)
♫ Hoodie Allen - Long Island Iced Tea
♫ Major Lazer - Never Good Enough (The Killabits Remix)
♫ Crystal Castles & Outkast & Raekwon - Skwede Sympathy (Skratch Bastid remix)
♫ Teenage Bad Girl - Tonton Funk (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
♫ Foxy Brown - Foxy Bells
♫ Zola Jesus - Manifest Destiny
♫ Mustard Pimp & Hot Pink Delorean - Rock
♫ M.I.A. - XXXO feat Jay-Z
♫ Eve - Gotta Man
♫ The Drums - It Will All End In Tears
♫ CFCF - Monolith
♫ Kylie Minogue - All the Lovers (XXXChange Remix)
♫ Florence and the Machine - Heavy In Your Arms
♫ M.I.A. - Stepping Up
♫ Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.
♫ Major Lazer & La Roux - Cover my Eyes (Costra Nostra Edit)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ELISA - Dancing

I tear up when I hear Elisa Toffoli's song. This song has no hidden significance in my life but the emotion itself is enough to break anybody's walls, that's for sure. She has new upcoming shows so check out her Myspace.

Elisa - Dancing

The Cool-Ish

My brain seem to turn to mush everytime I face the computer these past few days, and I don't know why. I've seen so many people do it like it's nothing but just a week straight in front of it REALLY weakened me. Jeez, it's not like I starve myself while I'm at it.

Anyway, here's a really good hiphop track to get yourself grindin. Hoodie Allen, as I previously posted, is from Long Island, hence the song. I'm not sure about that presumption but it's just a guess. So, here it is!

♫ The Hoodie Allen - Long Island Iced Tea

WHOA. These excellent indie Londoners, Veronica Falls, which I've JUST RECENTLY discovered (I know, lame right?) are making awesome music on their own. Here is the music video for Beachy Head with dreamy visuals that inevitably makes one yearn for that trip to the sandy shores. Directed by Phillipa Bloomflied.

♫ Veronica Falls - Found Love In a Graveyard
♫ Veronica Falls - Beachy Head
♫ Veronica Falls - Starry Eyes
♫ Veronica Falls - Stephen

Purchase their music!

Buy it at Insound!

This video footage from WAVVES on recording their album King of the Beach is just SO MUCH FUN. You gotta check this out!

Thanks to GVSB!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Track of the Day: Look I Found Her

For the life of me, I have't played a single game of Super Mario. Which gives every right to use this image. :)

James Blake's track CMYK is messy but soothing at the same time and the contrasts are distinct. And you hear female vocals and you can tell, from vocal memory, that the voices are that of Aaliyah and Kelis being sampled by James Blake. Thumbs up or down?

♫ James Blake - CMYK

Cmyk EP

I know it's irrelevant, but c'mon, it's still funny.

RECOVERY - its the album that everyone has been waiting for to see if Eminem can get back to the old Eminem and back on quality production. With recovery I think Eminem is on to a good start. Eminem sure has some anger and the attitude and lyrical explosions are telling a story, especially on the life he had for the past few years. He laid it all in the table to us, and although I'm not a big fan, I can definitely appreciate the potential of his album.

Drugs can really destroy some creative juice. If he has stopped on doing drugs now, it's sure is doing him good. Just listen.

The beat from Talking to Myself sounds like from Hiphop is Dead song. Can anyone confirm it for me?

♫ Eminem - Talkin To Myself Ft Kobe Hook
♫ Eminem - Space Bound