Well lookie here. Giving Up The Gun off Vampire Weekend's recent album Contra now has a music video with cameos from RZA, Lil Jon, Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhaal. Ezra Koenig, lead singer of the group, had the idea of a tennis match theme for the video.

This video really contests Jamie Foxx's celebrity cameo-studded video for "Blame It." And hey, Jake Gyllenhaal stars in that too. That guy picks his roles well. So whaddaya think?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

MADONNA: I Can't Forget

A lot of people are afraid to say what the want. by Maurice Flower

Apologies everyone. This an oldie from Madonna called I Can't Forget. The love song is written by David Foster, with a ballad feel reminiscent of Something to Remember.

Madonna I Can't Forget

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WEEKLIES: Web of Flashing Lights

More amazing photos from Anthony Verrilli

I'll be off for Cebu this Thursday, and I'm anxious and excited! Anyway, since I haven't posted anything since the last few days, I'll begin this week with a weeklies mix. Hardcore mashups remixes and a few singles inside out to keep you in a high. Here's the obligatory Weekly Mix for you all. If you want to share great tracks you think everyone should know, drop me an email at thievesbytuesday@gmail.com or chanteusesanders@gmail.com. Or give a link in the comments and I'll check you recommendation out. In the meantime, LET'S PARTY!

A-Ha Take On Me (The Twelves Remix)
Calvin Harris Stars Come Out
Annie Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix)
sayCet Opal (Error :: Love Opalowsky Remix)
Gorillaz Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)
Shiny Toy Guns Major Tom (Coming Home) (Shiny Toy Guns Remix)
Usher Love In This Club (MSTRKRFT Remix)
Sigur Ros Vs. Mobb Deep Shook (Emancipator Mash Up)
Dan Black Gorecki, Fix Up My Girlfriend Some More
Justice Phantom Pt. II (Soulwax Remix)
Timbaland ft. Twista & Justin Timberlake Carry Out Remix
Phoenix, Peter Bjorn, John and Victoria One Thousand Nine Hundred And One Folks (Immuzikation Blend)
T.I. Vs Passion Pit What You Know About Little Secrets (The White Panda Mash-Up)
Etienne De Crecy Welcome (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Mighty Mike Pressure Time (MGMT Vs. David Bowie & Queen)
DJ Stroke A Milli Vs My Life (Lil Wayne VS The Game)
Lykke Li Little Bit (Villains Remix)
MSTRKRFT vs Amanda Blank Might Like Street Justice

What We Did At Work Today from Amit Gupta

Chillax remix of Robyn's No Hassle from Diplo.

Robyn No Hassle | Diplo remix

165 by Ahley Rose

In congratulations to one of Thieves By Tuesday*'s inspirations, I'm posting a track from Baby Monster, one of the artists under Big Stereo's new music label. And Big Stereo being the generous music website and influence in the music blogging world shares for free Baby Monster's She Comes Alive track. This song definitely deserves to be heard and widely appreciated. I've heard the track twice and its enough for me to give it an A. Baby Monster's good drums and keyboard combo and echoing vocals actually shadows the sadness found in the lyrics. The songs sounds entirely unique as it is comes from a group hailing from Brooklyn. But enough of this, you listen. Then drop your thoughts in the comment box below. Congratulations once again to Big Stereo! Preorder the album here.

Baby Monster She Comes Alive

If you don't know The Constellations, the first thing you would stereotype them with the photo above is a laid-back indie pop band. Well, you got that wrong. The Constellations are a indie hiphop supergroup from Atlanta, which you can compare to the likes of Colin Munroe, Theophilus London, Rye Rye, Chiddy Bang, Flairs, Paper Route Gangstaz and The Carps. They recently teamed up Grammy-winning producer Ben H. Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley) to create Southern Gothic. Now This Starkey Remix fires up The Constellations' "Setback track into a powerful and monumental heavy-synth dub tracks he's becoming known for.

The Constellations Setback | Starkey Remix

Pitchfork TV had on their Surveillance a The xx Performance of their track Night Time. The video's eerie and brooding quality captures the total essence of the track.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

THE ANTLERS: 'Frenchkiss' music video

The Antlers

Amazing track. Can't say the same for the video but Hospice is a gorgeous album. Highly recommended that you buy The Antler's album.

Erykah Badu music video Jump In The Air feat. Lil Wayne

March 30 Erykah Badu will mark the release of Erykah Badu's new album New Amerykah Part II: Return of the Ankh. Check out her kaleidoscopic music video on her website, and download the track plus an official download new one off the album called Window Seat.

Erykah Badu Window Seat
Erykah Badu Jump in the Air (Stay There) feat. Lil Wayne

Last February 11, Neon Indian made their TV debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Tracks from their album "Psychic Chasms" were performed like Terminally Chill and Ephemeral Artery.

I'm really digging the energy I see from Alan Palomo and the rest of Neon Indian, much less know he has a band. But nonetheless, awesome performance. Its adorable how Jimmy Fallon likes them.

Download their remix of a win Grizzly Bear track and Terminally Chill:

Neon Indian - Terminally Chill
Grizzly Bear Cheerleader (Neon Indian "Sega Genesis P-Orridge Remix")

Credits: The Audio Perv | JP's Blog | IGIF

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Heard this track last night over at GvsB but unfortunately didn't get to have an official download of Joanna Newsom's Kingfisher, a lengthy 9-minute track. But thanks to the awesome man from Largehearted Boy, you can download the track! Still off her new album, Have One On Me, from Drag City.

Check out the tracklist of the album inside the post:

Joanna Newsom Kingfisher

Have One On Me tracklist:

Easy 6:04
Have One On Me 11:02
’81 3:52
Good Intentions Paving Company 7:02
No Provenance 6:25
Baby Birch 9:30
On A Good Day 1:49
You and Me, Bess 7:13
In California 8:42
Jackrabbits 4:23
Go Long 8:03
Occident 5:31
Soft As Chalk 6:29
Esme 7:56
Autumn 8:02
Ribbon Bows 6:11
Kingfisher 9:11
Does Not Suffice 6:45

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CLEAST EATWOOD: Electric Feel (MGMT cover)

Noise by Yoshi Sodeoka

Cleast Eatwood is a Swedish guy and girl duo that make brill electro pop in a more tamed sequence. This is an old cover of MGMT's hit and it subtly negates the annoyance you might have with the overplayed MGMT hit.

Cleast Eatwood - Electric Feel (MGMT Cover)

This is the 1st vid from the new collaboration between James Mercer (The Shins) & Danger Mouse (1/2 of Gnarls Barkley) for 'The High Road'. In the video, Danger Mouse and James Mercer wanders to the night on a desolate road with only a flashlight and the story gets odd as they encounter some odd people.

Broken Bells - The High Road

Florence + The Machine, who is nominated for 3 awards in the 2010 Brit Awards (Best British Female, Best British Album, Best Breakthrough Act) plays coy in this cover of Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love. Included is her old (not to mention loud) cover of Beirut's blissfully wonderful track, Postcards from Italy. Listen and download the original, below. Artists make mistakes and Florence's cover is one. There are songs just hard to do and sorry to say this but her cover doesn't showcase anything new or original. In any case this song is too unique, and Zach Condon (of Beirut) should be lauded for making the song before the age of twenty.

Florence + The Machine Addicted To Love (Robert Palmer cover)
Florence + The Machine Postcards from Italy (Beirut cover)
Beirut Postcards From Italy

The Golden Filter - (noun; name) Music artists hailing from New York; millennial disco with an icy sheen, and have an obsession with foxes.

The success of Golden Filter's entry to the music industry with luscious tracks like Solid Gold and Thunderbird has made it apparent that they're not just another blog blurb, and this duo has become a serious part of our 2009. This new track, Hide Me is the first official track in their upcoming Voluspa LP and is likewise, released over the interweb, as a free internet single. Voluspa will be released via Brille records on 26th of April. Formality aside, their music is a b*tchin ritual in space - can't wait to hear the whole album.

Golden Filter Hide Me

Selfhood by Tanya Johnston

Because he believes in himself, he doesn’t try to convince others.
Because he is content with himself, he doesn’t need others’ approval.
Because he accepts himself, the whole world accepts him.
-- Lao Tzu

This a stronger rendition of a Bon Iver favorite of mine. The original is profoundly better but this cover isn't too shabby as well. Wonderful art from Tanya Johnston.

Peter Gabriel Flume (Bon Iver cover)

Download and stream the original track here: Bon Iver - Flume

Other Bon Iver tracks, HERE.

Photo via Paddle Boat video

CHILLAX session for today courtesy of this Stephen Marley and Mos Def collab, the original track from Stephen Marley's 2007 album Mind Control.

Stephen Marley Hey baby (feat. Mos Def)

The masks these guys wear reminds me of Jason (of Freddy VS Jason fame) which is not a good thing so I opted for this. This collaboration bertween MSTRKRFT and John Legend off the Fist of God album is a real good find. What happens in the song when you listen to the lyrics happened to quite a number of men, being dropped like a doll on the street whilst being passionately in love. The lyrics to to this song are pretty straight forward but fitting, he’s passionately in love with a girl who quits on him in the heat of the moment. Sucks pretty bad - and good this it isn't like the usual MSTRKRFT remixes, a bit more soft around the edges. Makes you wish it was little more wild though.

MSTRKRFTHeartbreaker (Feat. John Legend) (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)

Photo by Anthony Verrilli

It's been 2 years since GRUM has changed my life. The first time I heard his New Wave remix of Anoraak's Nightdrive With You on 2008, I've been yearning for another fix from him. Grum great at many things but it's this that makes them top of my list - consistency. The tracks just blow me away - no kidding. And his work is like wine - it gets better through the years. Another bonus for this post are two good tracks - The Rebirth mix featuring Gudda Gudda of Lil Wayne's F*ck Today and a rock alternative from Sunset Rubdown to continue keep that blood pumping at a rate where your body can keep up.

Grum makes gold look like trash - he walks the platinum side.

Jump Jump Dance Dance Show Me the Night (GRUM Remix)
Priors What You Need (Grum Remix)
Anoraak Nightdrive With You (Grum New Wave Remix)
Lil Wayne F*ck Today (The Rebirth Mix feat. Gudda Gudda)
Sunset Rubdown Shut Up I'm Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings (Daytrotter Session)

Thanks to Scottish Friction for the info!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Jónsi via jonsi.com

Since Sigur Rós announced that the they will be in an indefinite hiatus, I've been replaying my Ágætis Byrjun and Takk records for almost a month. Then news of an upcoming Jónsi came and all the wallowing faded. On a more serious note, Jónsi's debut solo album entitled Go will be out on 6th of April this year and the first track we heard from the album was Boy Lilikoi. Go Do melody is amde in a relatively similar fashion to the former Sigur Ros tracks and there are subtle fascinating additions to the mix. Listening to the Go Do definitely brings you back to those inexplicably euphoric days!

Jónsi Go Do
Sigur Rós Hoppipolla

North American tour dates are as follows:

Thanks to We All Want Someone To Shout For for the track!

Goldfrapp by WAFTI

Always love Grum's remixes and re-edits. And here is another on of Goldfrapp's Rocket. Head First will be out on March 22 via Mute. The Rocket single will be out on the Monday, February 8 featuring this remix plus others by Richard X, Penguin Prison and Tiësto.

Goldfrapp Rocket (Grum remix)

Beach House by greenshoelace

Listen to Beach House's Walk in the Park below and download the rest of the session in the Daytrotter website.

Beach House Walking On The Park

Everyone's all excited as the release of Yeasayer's anticipated sophomore album draws near. Yeasayer signed up to Secretly Canadian for the North American release of Odd Blood. O.N.E was the second single from the album and you can download it at Yeasayer's website before the track will be digitally released in the 23rd of March.

Meanwhile, enjoy this XXXchange remix of O.N.E. remix which will be included along with the single. Mute will release the album outside of North America.

Yeasayer O.N.E. (XXXchange remix)

Friday, February 5, 2010


The Knife

Compared to the generation of artists today who share to the world via sites like Twitter every waking moment they have, one of the good things about The Knife is that they still leave something to the imagination. Fans wonder when they will release a new album to follow the success that was Silent Shout. And then 2009, Karin Dreijer Andersson released her outstanding Fever Ray album. Like Silent Shout, dark and brooding but epic in its beauty that gave me a shred of hope for The Knife to release a second album to continue on the glory of their discography. Since the weeks that they released streams of their album, Tomorrow In A Year, I've been listening and warming myself to the new aesthetic they applied to their new album- orchestral elements, and some quite unusual bits. Don't get me wrong, I love some creativity and uniqueness but some of the tracks off their album are quite hard to appreciate. A week on streaming and consequent listens, the only track I give my thumbs up is their collaboration with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock, Colouring of Pigeons. I'm not saying working with Danish theater experimentalists Hotel Pro Forma can do this to a possibly great album nor do I suggest any thinking that the Dreijer siblings might have lost their touch. Their Darwin-inspired concept is good and well-thought out, but this new album is heavy that I had to press pause. And then, stop.

The Knife Epochs

Listen to The Knife's other tracks in Tomorrow in a Year via their Soundcloud account.

Download | The Knife in Collaboration with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock – Colouring of Pigeons

The Knife - Annie's Box (alt. vocal)

The Knife, Mt. Sims - Variation of Birds

Photo by Vincent La Foret

Since the weekend is drawing near, I've been planning on heading over to the beach. Never mind the ice cool water getting through the bones, all I want is sun, sand and waves. Anyway, this weekend calls for a celebration! Feauturing this week are tracks that you should definitely get your hands on --- two new tracks from harp-playing prodigy Joanna Newsom, Free Energy, an unreleased track from Beyonce Knowles, Kid Cudi's laid-back, stoner beat infused track off his new mixtape, new stuff from Parker, Metric's Monster Hospital remixed by MSTRKRFT, Daft Punk Mashup with the Gorillaz, Lo-Fi-Fnk's The End, Thieves Like Us going all nighttime slow dance on us, a Moullinex remix of Cut Copy's Lights and Music, and a tasty Greyboy and Sharon Jones track. Hit me up when you want to suggest any good tracks. Ciao!

Parker Where's My Monkey
Joanna Newsom Sprout and The Bean
Joanna Newsom Good Intentions Paving Company
Metric Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)
Kid Cudi Do It Alone
Beyonce Ice Cream
Cut Copy Light and Music (Moullinex remix)
Daft Punk VS Gorillaz 19-2000 Funk
Free Energy Hope Child
Greyboy ft. Sharon Jones Got To Be a Love
Lo-Fi-Fnk The End
Thieves Like Us Never Known Love

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour by Frall@live

I'm thrilled to share that these Danish technicolor-poppers still keep it heavy on the glitter and gold. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour visits their US fans this March 2010. Spin, Time Out New York and other music publication gave their praise to the band and now, the US can get a taste of this group's glamorous psychedelic tunes and funky fresh blend of soul and pop.

After the October release of TAGT's highly anticipated debut, FRUIT, the band toured along with Katy Perry this summer. The March US tour will kick off at Philadelphia’s Kung Fu Necktie, followed by stops in DC, NYC, San Diego, LA, and San Francisco. The band will also be performing at this year’s SXSW! Below is 33Hz's remixed version of TAGT's track, funkified with disco kicks.

US Tour Dates
3/14: Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
3/15: Washington, DC @ DC9
3/16: New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
3/21: San Diego, CA @ Casbah
3/23: Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
3/24: San Francisco, CA @ The Independent

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour The Sun Ain’t Shining No More (33Hz Remix)
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour The Sun Ain’t Shining No More


Breakbot is our weekly star being posted twice this week: 1) our monthly Hardcore Mixtape (here) 2) and our Weeklies (We Want It All) (here). Suffice to say, this group has been getting a lot of attention. And they certainly deserve it! This track was done by Air in support of Oxfam America’s Haiti recovery effort. Breakbot turns this track into something different and makes musique fantastique - SUPER.

Cheers to Dipped in Dollars for sharing this.

Air - So Light Is Her Footfall (Breakbot Remix) (links removed by request)

"I don't think I'm an instantaneous act the whole world will love in one second"

Ah, Marina & The Diamonds. Where do I begin? This woman has both her feet planted firmly on the ground and changed everyone's expectations of her going mainstream. The quirky and flamboyant singer is gaining a following for her inventive songwriting, theatrical stage shows and dazzling style. The artist who is one of BBC's selected few artists dubbed Sound of 2010.

We all heard and read of how Perez Hilton and Kanye West promoted Marina on their blogs. And these people, among many of Marina's followers can attest that the videos certainly grab your attention - but it's the songs that make you stay. In her {now defunct} blog, she had mentioned of her opinion on how the music industry is controlled and dominated by, shall we say, music without real content and good quality. She also revealed a few private details of herself in her BBC interview and here as well:

"This is who I was. Hollywood infected my brain and I really valued the wrong things in life, but I changed dramatically. This obsession with celebrity culture is really unhealthy. I don't want to live my life like that, and I don't want to be a typical pop star..."

Below is a great reworked orchestral version with Gonzales and another one in an acoustic version with Marina dressed ornately colorful. And like the meaning depicted by the lyrics of Hollywood, she doesn't like being stereotyped into some hacky pop-music artist.

Her album Family Jewels will be out on 22nd of February. Pre-order it at Play.

Marina & The Diamonds Hollywood (Fenech Soler Remix)
Marina & The Diamonds Hollywood (Juan Maclean remix)

Full orchestral version with Gonzales:

Marina & The Diamonds Hollywood (Gonzales Orchestral version)

Acoustic version:

Alan Wilkis was given the thumbs up from Yeasayer with this Ambling Alp remix. And really, whenever Yeasayer gives anything with a semblance of approval, we all jump for a listen. Techno beats and fast-paced audacious synths makes this track a gem. Give it a listen below.

Yeasayer - Ambling Alp (Alan Wilkis remix) (links removed by request) fghfghfhhd

Monday, February 1, 2010

January Hardcore Mixtape

Photo courtesy

I don't think every one who visits here know this but I used to hold monthly mixtapes (Hardcore Mixtapes). But, since the whole process took a lot of time (all the sorting, ranking so forth), I resorted to weekly, shorter versions of it. Now, I'm returning with my monthly mixtapes and I'm putting in the more recent tracks of January that seemed to rise above the rest. I'm planning on changing the individual files into podcasts next month until I find a suitable podcast program for non-Mac pcs like mine. If there are tracks you think are good for next month's mixtape, recommendations are welcome. In the meantime, enjoy.

The xx - Islands (Nosaj Thing Remix)
Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours ft. Irfane
Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Penguin Prison remix ft. Theophilus London)
Feist - I Feel It All (Diplo remix)
Marina and the Diamonds - Hollywood
Klaxons - No Diggity (Blackstreet & Dr. Dre Cover)
The Golden Filter - The Hardest Button To Button (The White Stripes cover)
The Cure - Lovesong (Diplo remix)
The Knife in Collaboration with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock – Colouring of Pigeons
Phoenix - 1901 (Memory Tapes remix)
Goldfrapp - Rocket
Blur - Song 2 (Vengeance Remix)
The Noisettes - Don't Upset the Rhythm
I Blame Coco - Caesar feat. Robyn (Diplo Remix)
Crookers - Cooler Couleur (Feat. Yelle)
Nana Grizol - For Things that Haven't Come Yet
Laura Veirs - Sleeper in The Valley
She Keeps Bees and Sharon van Etten - Cuddle Alone
Isbells - Time's Ticking
Major Lazer - Pon de Floor (Chewy Chocolate Cookies remix)
Coeur de Pirate - Comme des Enfants (Le Matos remix)

Finally some new NYPC. We had to wait too long for this. This British Electronica outfit have been given the remix treatment courtesy of Rory Phillips. A lot of people kept saying Chaos and Lost A Girl isn't as catchy or hyped up as Ice Cream and/or The Bomb. In all fairness to the group, their sound is evolving and it sounds different from their previous work. Just let the song grow on you, I'm sure it will. The Optimist, the latest full length from The New York Pony Club is out March 1 via Modular.

New Young Pony Club Tour Dates:
03/15 Portsmouth, England Wedgewood Rooms
03/16 Birmingham, England - O2 Academy
03/17 Bristol, England - The Thekla
03/18 Oxford, England - Academy 2
03/20 Manchester, England - Moho Live
03/21 Leeds, England - Cockpit 2
03/22 Nottingham, England - Stealth
03/23 Glasgow, Scotland King Tuts
03/25 Newcastle, England - Academy 2
03/26 Liverpool, England - Korova
03/27 Cambridge, England - Junction 2

New Young Pony Club Chaos (Rory Phillips Remix)
New Young Pony Club Lost A Girl (Radio Edit)
New Young Pony Club Ice Cream
New Young Pony Club The Bomb

I got a wind of an unreleased track called Retro Physical about 5 months ago when I was linked to a Gaga forum but I never actually got a listen of the full track. Needless to say, First Up! got a leak of the track when Burim leaks the full version. I got to listen to it two times and it's okay. Your thoughts?

Lady Gaga Retro Physical

One of this blog's readers, Michael Christopher sent me this unofficial video of Passion Pit's Sleepyhead which was leaked on a Coachella forum. Whose to say, they probably did this on their own. There's no doubt that the released one is more fun and unique, but this one's pretty good too.

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
Passion Pit - Little Secrets