"I don't think I'm an instantaneous act the whole world will love in one second"

Ah, Marina & The Diamonds. Where do I begin? This woman has both her feet planted firmly on the ground and changed everyone's expectations of her going mainstream. The quirky and flamboyant singer is gaining a following for her inventive songwriting, theatrical stage shows and dazzling style. The artist who is one of BBC's selected few artists dubbed Sound of 2010.

We all heard and read of how Perez Hilton and Kanye West promoted Marina on their blogs. And these people, among many of Marina's followers can attest that the videos certainly grab your attention - but it's the songs that make you stay. In her {now defunct} blog, she had mentioned of her opinion on how the music industry is controlled and dominated by, shall we say, music without real content and good quality. She also revealed a few private details of herself in her BBC interview and here as well:

"This is who I was. Hollywood infected my brain and I really valued the wrong things in life, but I changed dramatically. This obsession with celebrity culture is really unhealthy. I don't want to live my life like that, and I don't want to be a typical pop star..."

Below is a great reworked orchestral version with Gonzales and another one in an acoustic version with Marina dressed ornately colorful. And like the meaning depicted by the lyrics of Hollywood, she doesn't like being stereotyped into some hacky pop-music artist.

Her album Family Jewels will be out on 22nd of February. Pre-order it at Play.

Marina & The Diamonds Hollywood (Fenech Soler Remix)
Marina & The Diamonds Hollywood (Juan Maclean remix)

Full orchestral version with Gonzales:

Marina & The Diamonds Hollywood (Gonzales Orchestral version)

Acoustic version:


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