Over at Empire, I heard the news of this Twilight star's upcoming project, a biopic of my longtime favorite artist Joan Jett.

I do agree with the "idea" that she may be one of the key reasons why Twilight is currently sucking up tons of cash all over the world, but it's pretty eminent that Kristen Stewart has stressed it to her fans that she doesn't want a blockbuster career. "As evidenced by today’s announcement of her first post-Twilight, non-Twilight, Twilight-isn’t-involved-at-all-so-please-stop-screaming project"

She has signed on to play Joan Jett in The Runaways, a biopic of the rise and fall of Jett’s  rock band in the 1970s, which lasted for four years before falling apart due to the usual creative differences and recriminations about money, power, and management.

More of the news, here.


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