Memorable Moments in Diva Fashion History

Beyoncé has had me scratching my head ever since she started promoting her new album. First, she glued that metal glove to her hand (popularized by goddess kylie Minogue, BTW), then wore avant-garde looks by Gareth Pugh and Thierry Mugler that were much less sasha-fierce than bewildering. Whether you like her recent fashion choices or not, they're not going to be forgotten anytime soon (haha). Read in on the many memorable moments in Diva Fashion History, courtesy of NYmag and Example.

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Barbra Streisand caused quite a stir when she wore a see-through sequined pants ensemble to the Oscars. This style was then copied later by Britney Spears (from what I remember were the most opaque pants ever) for her infamous 2007 Video Music Awards performance.

Ah, Tina Turner. Where do I begin? The diva was known for her legs and her hair (arguably a wig fluffed in the dryer). Though this outfit doesn't look far off from something Rihanna might wear today.

"Cher's sailor-laden "If I Could Turn Back Time" video is one of the best ever. The fishnet body stocking she wore under a barely-there black one-piece bathing suit caused such a stir when it came out in 1989 that MTV eventually would only play the video after 9 p.m. That outfit also sold quite a few aerobics tapes." - NYMAG

Cyndi Lauper wearing one of her signature bright dresses with bold accessories on the cover of her She's So Unusual album. God, I swear I love the eighties.

"Janet Jackson wanted to convey socially conscious messages in her Rhythm Nation album in 1989. So maybe she ditched the sexy clothes so people would pay attention to the words coming out of her mouth. All that was almost forgotten when the Super Bowl happened." - NYMAG

Madonna hasn't received the most favorable reviews for her recent fashion choices, which are by and large forgettable compared to the Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra she wore on her Blond Ambition tour. What a way to usher in the nineties. - NYMAG

Totally agreeable. Those cones are imprinted in everyones minds, I'm sure. And now for the oblogatory .gif. Ta-daaah!


Eventually Courtney Love would get a glam makeover and a nose job. But before all that, she traipsed around looking, well, ruined. Her music video for "Violet" is a prime example. - NYMAG

It's hard to remember a time when Mariah didn't dress like a sexpot, but it's even harder to forget the video that started it all, for "Honey." Fresh off her divorce from Tommy Mottola, Mariah looked better -- and barer -- than ever. God, Mariah looks so good in that video. :)

In the year 2000, Jennifer Lopez gave everyone a reason to remember the Grammys. Her boobs in that Versace dress are still a marvel of modern fashion engineering (and tape). This I always see in "Fashion Faux pas"-like articles.

Not long after she went solo, Gwen Stefani began parading around with a group of Harajuku girls and trying to dress like one herself. Still have not forgiven her.

M.I.A. has wowed us with her fashion choices, but probably never in a good way. Here, she performs at Coachella in 2005 looking like the Saved by the Bell theme song. - NYMAG

This is Christina Aguilera trying to level with Britney's Toxic era. Before Christina Aguilera discovered the joys of holy matrimony and motherhood, she went through her dark phase of self-discovery. But the arse, good lawwwd!

It pains me to look at this picture, especially since Britney Spears has her career back on track these days. This was utterly embarrassing, even for the viewers part. I had to change the channel because of this image. Sorry Brit.

At the Video Music Awards this year, Rihanna performed with a wad of toilet paper dangling from her derriere. We love Riri, but hasn't anyone ever told her sometimes it's okay to just wear less stuff? - NYMAG

Oh, B. You don't have to point. We can see that thing from the nosebleed section. - NYMAG

Andre Leon Talley (this guy I always see in runway shows and on Vogue *of course) and Jay-Z FYT :)


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