Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The title says it all.


After half a year of tremendously daunting tasks (with college) and many  sacrifices, I made up my mind and cut myself some slack. This is my one and only extension where I can freely express myself and not follow very tight and rigid constraints I am enveloped, almost everyday.  So, here I am -- and there you are!

To officially "baptize" the resurrection of this blog (Who would've thought?) and my return to blogging, I'm adding 4 new major categories in my blog which is the:

TBT* MP3 Master List
EBOOK Library
Site Of The Week

Forgive my eagerness, but I am really ecstatic for this new category! I won't have that much time as I would've hoped (with all the duties at the hospital and doing college) but I really want to make this work, one way or the other.

So I have come to a conclusion and a resolution: 

The usual menu of the recent music released daily will not be posted in Thieves By Tuesday*.
Instead, you will catch more of a weekly, or if worse comes worse, monthly music posts to tempt your music and reader's palate. I really keep myself from making promises I wont keep so I'll try my best to update these 4 new categories. It'll be fully functional by this month or a few weeks later.

Now, the groundwork on these new categories:

On TBT* MP3 Master List

The list is still on the works and is still not complete because of:
a.) Crappy Internet connection
b.) Lack of time to upload and post the mp3's and
c.) By some twist of fate, the pc just completely got neurotic and deleted all my files (including my mp3's).

Really, this day should be all about mourning, but I'd like to look at the brighter sense of things...!
I've got all this free space in my pc's memory,  and uhm,  that's about it. (laughs)
So, right now, I'll be posting the past few years' best tracks, and other sensible music released by mostly mainstream and indie artists a lot of us have come to love.


I've already posted a few good albums and I'm still looking for really good ones which I can add to this list. I welcome requests in Album Watch and Ebook Library. Most ebooks, though, will be posted for a limited time only because of the copyright problems we might be dealing with. We can go crazy with album watch though, so if you want to recommend anything, then feel free to do so. 

On Site Of The Week

I really love this part! So here, I also welcome suggestions on any site you come across with that is worth mentioning and be heard of! It can be anything, from TV to music, to random fandom sites. Whatever you can get your hands on to! As long as its fun (a must), porn-free and legal, of course.

With all that said, I end this post.
The comment section is below, you know what to do with it.


Thank God you're back.Looking forward to the ebooks
And about the remixes
Continue posting them or else

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