Thursday, May 21, 2009

4. LYKKE LI - Youth Novels

Okay, this is album number 4 for all of you following and this one is one of my favorites.

I have written many times before on Swede artist Lykke Li (and I am now informed, pronounced “Lu-key Loo”) and at that time she was just finishing up her debut album “Youth Novels”. So, the web-hit “Little Bit” sounded fantastic, delicate and funky, but I had a few doubt that her album would not reach that far.

After a listen of the whole album (just last week) I was fairly convinced that “Little Bit,” although a highlight, was not the end of it, by far. What struck me at first was her courage in being immensely courageous in the use of different sounds and instruments as well as conventional ones. It’s almost a hybrid between something dainty and sweet. Tracks like “Complaint Department” have a grungy edge, in the music as well as her vocals, whereas “Little Bit” covers the delicate love-pop area.

I like the fact too that the album was also in a progression mode (or whatever should it appropriately be called). Not many artists bother themselves with this but I love that Lykke Li used this aspect to further push up the quality of her album, not only her tracks.

If you think the sweet little voice will annoy you, becoming old and boring after just a few tracks with the same style, Lykke is obviously capable of utilizing her voice in dynamic fashions. This album is a surefire catch to any music aficionado.

Tracklist and Download

Melodies and Desires 3:52
Dance, Dance, Dance 3:41
I'm Good, I'm Gone 3:09
Let It Fall 2:42
My Love 4:36
Tonight 4:13
Little Bit 4:33
Hanging High 4:07
This Trumpet In My Head 1:42
Complaint Department 4:32
Breaking It Up 3:40
Everybody But Me 3:18
Time Flies 3:21
Window Blues 3:59


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