Monday, September 14, 2009

Fredrik back with new album, Trilogi

This November 17th marks the return of Malmo, Sweden's Fredrik with their new album Trilogi. This sophomore effort is has more in-depth take on themes like social realities and subconscious geography. The melodies are more serpentine and the textures decidedly darker. But Fredrik's warm, sensitive lead voice and operatic choir work still lends the material the same comforting elegance as on the debut.

From the new album, Trilogi:
Fredrik- Locked in the Basement

From 1st album, Na Na Ni:
Fredrik - Black Fur
Fredrik - 1986


gurl... i am SO HAPPY URE BACK!
i fell in love with soko and that 'I'll kill her'. This song by Fredrik is great too, expecially their use of intsruments! 'Alice' by pogo, also did make me smile with delight.

You knw my music tasteee :D

:) thanks chloe!
i miss being here as well. :)

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