Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West and his unique talent.

Apparently all of us have seen/heard/read what was one of the highlights of this year's MTV VMA's. Now that Kanye has made a fool of himself, he also has made Taylor Swift, more popular than she already is. That's real smooth Kanye. Smooth.

Now let's see what the rest of Celebrity Twitter world thinks about this.

Pink Kanye west is the biggest piece of sh*t on earth. Quote me.
ddlovato (Demi Lovato) AHHHHH!!!!!! GO @taylorswift13!!!!! SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!
David_Henrie some1 needs to slap Kanye West who does he think he is?
johncmayer Big love to my girl @taylorswift13. A class act.
justinbieber 2night is the most amazing night ever! Congrats to @taylorswift13 . I got your back. And I met Beyonce and she told me she loves ONE TIME!!
martinsays (Martin Johnson from Boys Like Girls) dear kanye west, you are a classless human being, unworthy of the stage he stands on. grow up.

therealpickler (Kellie Pickler) Tator Tot, you handled yourself with Grace. Kanye, go grow some f-ing balls bitch! don't mess w/my lil sis!!********************************
TheRealJordin (Jordin Sparks) RT @mdoolittle I know I'm late, but really Kanye? Really? Taylor Swift is the sweetest girl ever & Beyonce is so gracious. Not right at all!
yelyahwilliams (Hayley Williams) Taylor swift, y'all. #teamTaylor
NICKZANO: Love Kanye the artist but that was some bullshit^*! People Jim Wilson did the same shit to our President. Put that passion into our future.
Haylie K (Haylie Duff): well, he accomplished exactly what he wanted, everyone is talking about kanye.
IKETURNER: "Kanye went too far. You never treat a lady like that. That shit was wrong, Ye. Dead wrong."

adamlambert: Kanye needs to chill. He freaks out every year. It ain't that deep man.
stephaniepratt: Ummm when taylor swift got up to get her award and some beyonce fan/publicist came on stage to talk shit and rep beyonce... NOT COOL
dannygokey I have one question - How could you be so heartless??
dannygokey Congratulations Taylor Swift!!! I'm very Happy for her ~ She's very classy woman!
michaelsarver1 Taylor Swift u rock! Congrats on your accomplishment and for representing country music, and all music for that matter, with amazing class!
JoelMadden WOW Taylor Swift's first VMA and she didn't even get to ENJOY it. Kanye You were just a bully on that one man.
heidimontag "congrats @taylorswift13 on your vma!!! you deserve it more than anyone!! I saw the devil in action when kanye west stole your mic! u rock!!!"
ChesterBe Kanye West has officially earned the title of King Douchebag! Way to go dickhead. To think I thought he was kinda cool. LAME.....
OfficialKat (Kat Dennings): I'm throwing away my Kanye glasses. They were 8 bucks, no skin off my apple
ricky_martin kanye what an asshole dude.
ricky_martin @taylorswift13 has sold more than 10 million cds in the last 2 years u deserve the award 10 million fans cant be wrong. enjoy ur night!




LOL at all the disney kids getting mad.

there are only 5 people i know from this post. thanks for posting kat dennings. you are love.

R u racist? Bitch.

@ KanyeLover:

No she isn't. But it seems you have established the fact that you are also and idiot.

HATERS definitely to the left!

I agree. Preach Adam Lambert!

No cussing out of anyone please.

Kanye was drunk and was holding a bourbon bottle of some sort. Apparently he did that out of drunkenness.

I saw in the red carpet Kanye West holding some alcohol. But I don't think being drunk is an excuse for rudeness. And that was Taylor Swift's 1st VMA. Give the girl a chance.

In response to Theo:
Except when he sings.

Nothing good always comes out of Kanye's mouth.

and this is why I love Pink!

In Kanye’s mind, it’s not only wrong – it’s racist too.

It was another, very typical Kanye moment. It always has to be the Kanye show. If it’s not, something’s wrong!

@ Mike: I think so too.
@ Jamie: Again, it's not about races.

To all of you who are arguing that Kanye is not racist, keep in mind that the last scene he made was about how black people never get awards. I can’t remember if this was the Grammys or what, but he absolutely feels that people are racist against him, and therefore reacts in a racist way himself. I thoroughly agree that if ANY black entertainer had won that award, he would NOT have been up there.

Just another person using the race card. Taking away Taylor Swifts moment was hateful. She had nothing to do with the decision on who receives the award and certainly didn’t deserve his hateful act. If Kanye ever wins an award (hopefully not) maybe someone should go up and steal the microphone from him and make a good comment about someone else.

Well he got exactly what he wanted all of us talking about him.

If this was not a publicity stunt I will never buy another Kanye release again. It was the most pathetic act I’ve ever seen from a Man – should I say “boy”. Grow the – up kid. Can you (you reader) imagine doing this to someone without considering the outcome? HE GOT BOOED ALL NIGHT FOR IT. Grow up man.

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