Friday, December 18, 2009

WEEKLIES: The Planets Bend Between Us

Lupe's got a new release, and although this Robin Thicke song is a few days old, you better give it a listen. Ke$ha, who's topping the charts overseas, has a new track-- Love is A Drug. Gucci Mane's Diplo remix, along with a Notorious BIG and Miley Cyrus mashup. Mos Def's Supermagic, 2 Passion Pit remixes of OK Go and Paper Route and to close the Weeklies is a track from Timbaland featuring Jojo! Expect more anthem songs and music jams for the next week!

:: Lupe Fiasco - Solar Midnite

:: Ke$ha - Your Love Is My Drug

:: The Soft Pack - C'mon

:: Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass (Passio Pit Remix)

:: Robin Thicke - It's In The Morning (feat. Snoop Dogg)

:: Gucci Mane - Danger's Not A Stranger (Diplo Remix)

:: Party and Bullshit in The USA - Miley Cyrus VS Notorious BIG

:: Robin Thicke - Elevetas (feat. Kid Cudi)

:: Mos Def - Supermagic

:: Paper Route - Tiger Teeth (Passion Pit Remix)

:: Timbaland - Lose Control (feat. Jojo)

Something extra: Paulo Nutini - Wake Up (Arcade Remix)


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