Monday, May 31, 2010

[FRESH] M.I.A. - Haters

After a New York Times profile, the rapper M.I.A. threw a fit. She was eating truffle-flavored French fries while talking about terrorism. She is such a contradiction.

"I kind of want to be an outsider,” she said, eating a truffle-flavored French fry. “I don’t want to make the same music, sing about the same stuff, talk about the same things. If that makes me a terrorist, then I’m a terrorist.”

And what is this that I hear - Diplo and M.I.A. being frenemies? Seems like M.I.A.'s opinions are drawing a lot of attention lately. With that said, let's move on to her music, wich sounds incredibly unique. No doubt about that.

♫ M.I.A. - Haters

She's a White Blond Rapper. Who happens to rap and sing about yoga, meditation and almost everything that you can hardly associate with rap. How come she's such a hit then? Better listen to this track and she might change your mind. More of Kellee Maize's songs at PMA.

♫ Kellee Maize - Mothership (Download via Mediafire link)

N*E*R*D* is back! Let's put some bounce on that hiphop track! -> Major fail at some feeble attempt to rap but this track will deff get some sexy moves out of you. Their album Nothing is out this September.

♫ N*E*R*D* - Hot and Fun ft. Nelly Furtado (Link removed)

The 1st track from Kanye West's upcoming album Good Ass Job is circling all over the interweb, and this rocking chant of a song called Power featuring Dwele is making waves. This egomaniac got many noses up in flames with his devil-may-care angst, but his music certainly benefits from it.

♫ Kanye West feat. Dwele - Power from Good Ass Job (Link removed)

There are a lot of references in terms of the tune, and I noticed Gorillaz' "Dirty Harry" mixed up with a manic drum beat. A lot of people would definitely sing with him if the song is performed live, no doubt about it, and this should be a comeback from his 808s and Heartbreak album and the unforgettable VMA conflict with Taylor Swift. I was thinking he might actually badmouth South Park in the track but sadly, disappointed he didn't notice the fishsticks joke and mentioned only SNL and their skits. Anyhow, how did you think Kanye West do in this track?

Photo Courtesy

Something sensual to start the day and hopefully, close the night.

Stateless - Bloodstream

B.o.B has gone a long way and his successful album The Adventures of Bobby Ray and currently # 2 in the Billboard 100 chart, his track "Airplanes" with Hayley Williams of Paramore are a testament to that hard work. And I've read of MGMT's refusal to perform Kids in the UK upon request, so now, in somewhat an impromptu session, B.o.B performs it with a live band. His fun and upbeat version of the Oracular Spectacular track and B.o.B.'s notable high energy is the best thing of the track. Listen to it below.

B.o.B. - Kids (MGMT cover)

Photo Courtesy

These musicians who I quote unquote here, happen to be inspired by Aztec Camera, have adopted for a more pop approach to their new album. Mystery Jets keep joyous harmonies and absolute fun in their music that this band remains a special place in my heart. Young Love featured folkster Laura Marling and though it may not be as well lauded Young Folks, it really gave some tough competition! Check out the video below, too. Have a happy Sunday everyone!

Mystery Jets - Young Love (feat. Laura Marling)

I wanted the song to climax, but since it just had this sense of overall hyped up sound, it still is A plus.

MOCHI BEATS- Gifted Stop (Glee + N.A.S.A. + Kanye West + Sia + Santigold + Paula Deanda + Kylie Minogue

Photo Courtesy | The Black Keys, backstage at the House of Blues, San Diego

Here's the video of the track, where the duo comments of the fun they had working with kids. Sounds a little maternal to you? Not to me! Anyway, the Danger Mouse produced album is something to watch out for, and this track specially drew a lot of attention from me.

The Black Keys - Tighten Up - Official Video from Chris Marrs Piliero on Vimeo.

The Black Keys - Tighten Up

Photo Courtesy

I don't know if any of you are familiar of this artist, but Nomak is a spitfire of talent. Nomak is a Japanese hip-hop producer, he extensively uses instruments such as piano, flute, saxophone, and acoustic guitar as a melodic basis for his music. Nomak has released the albums: Combine (2005), Wonderin’ View (2006), Fantastical View (2006), Eternal View (2007), Calm (2007), and the remix album Recalm (2008). His latest album is called Muziq and Foto (2009). And I'm telling you guys, his work is superb. Check out his High Grade Standard track below. Download it if you dig.

Nomak - High Grade Standard

Painting from But Does It Float

This Weeklies post is dedicated to all my BONGGING friends who I haven't seen for centuries. Getting together is so hard despite living in the same city. Don't you hate busy schedules?

Anyway, I had a few TBT readers ask me why,I post stuff non-music related. Although this blog may be categorized as a music blog, I still am the one who created it and when I like to share something that I think would interest some, even a few, of the readers of this blog, I post it. I hope this wouldn't cause irritation of any form to any of you readers. Around any time this year or the next, I'll be adding more content into this blog featuring stuff not only music but the whole myriad under the pop culture umbrella! For most of the time, 'd still post music but pop culture posts will we present as well. I hope you readers would view this small change as something positive for Thieves By Tuesday!

On a lighter note, here is a collection of party + mellow indie tracks for this week, from Laconic, Laura Jansen, Two Door Cinema Club, Sleigh Bells, Robyn and more! PLUS (drumroll please), this will be one of the many firsts of this blog: A POSTER GIVEAWAY CONTEST!

The winner will win a 16x20 Rolled Canvas Print from U Printing. You just have to answer one question, all related to the Weeklies post title: Only the Madman is Completely Sure. The question is: What is the most mad thing you've done? To enter, simply leave your answers in the comment section of this post along with your email address. Other contest details below:

* Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping
* Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only
* You must be at least 18 years old to enter.

I'll pick the maddest answer (is that even a word?) and the winner will be announced on or before May 28, 2010 (Friday). Excited to hear your replies!

Laconic – Compact It
Greg Laswell - Around the Bend
Nocando – Hurry Up and Wait (Remix) (ft. MURS, Intuition, Open Mike Eagle, Dumfounded)
Pharoahe Monch – Truth feat. Common and Talib Kweli
Two Door Cinema Club - Hands Off My Cash, Monty
Laura Jansen - Single Girls
Laura Jansen - The End
Boemklatsch – Bonafied (Dem Slackers Floor Dance Mix)
April Smith and The Great Picture Show - Movie Loves a Screen
Laura Jansen - Bells
Monsieur Adi – Ecolectro II
Sleigh Bells - Tell Em
Mary J. Blige - We Got Hood Love (Feat. Trey Songz)
DJ Real Juicy - Rude Boy - Heartbeat (Rihanna And The Knife mashup)
Britney Spears - Telephone (Pitched Version)
Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Buzz Junkies Club Mix)
Busta Rhymes - Stop The Party (Feat. Swizz Beatz)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

RATATAT | Party With Children

This new track from Ratatat paired with an unorthodox video of a bird makes for one GOOD track. It's a nice change to the visual excess usually paraded over at MTV.

Ratatat - Party With Children

I might have expressed my affinity for this sextet's perky brand of music. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Architecture in Helsinki, Los Campesinos! and The New Pornographers as much as the next person and when I feel a little nostalgic, I go for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah but when I want an instant boost, its these guys I tune to.

The Go! Team - Huddle Formation
The Go! Team - Ladyflash

Creating the all necessary buzz for her recent video of Born Free, here's another long awaited single off her album called XXXO. The beat gets my groove pumping, and its a 7 out of a 10 for me. Does it do the same to you?


H&M Summer Campaign

In context, these ladies are not all California Girls (Daria Werbowy, third from the left, for one is from Canada) but for the sake of visual purposes.
I won't say anything that has not been said for this new song? Will this be summer's best pop track? Maybe. Is it good? I give it a 4 out of 5.

Katy Perry - California Girls feat. Snoop Dogg

Sion Fullana

HAPPY VIBES from the Villain's remix of B.O.B. hit, Nothing on You featuring Bruno Mars.
Sidebit: I was looking for a "Villain" image and looked over Flickr, and found this.

B.O.B. | Nothing On You (feat. Bruno Mars (Villains Remix)

Charles Bergquist

Neon Indian always delivers when it comes to pop-synth techno but the manipulation in Psychic Chasms' "6669" by Aislyn (comprised of Passion Pit keyboardist Ian Hultquist and girlfriend Sofia Alessandri) conjures a different picture for an ending. The other remix from NYC new wave trio BRAHMS shows promise.

On another note this makes me wonder, with the positive feedback for Psychic Chasms and acclaim Alan Palomo has achieved, what's next to the moon?

Neon Indian 6669 (Aislyn Remix)

Neon Indian Psychic Chasms (BRAHMS Remix)

Dubbed by Entertainment Weekly on 2008 as one of the new male music acts to look out for, this Toronto native has a lot of tails wagging at his music. I have to admit, his song from debut album, After Tonight still gives me a fluttery feeling. Anyway, all the three years of hardwork (writing, recording and touring) prior to releasing this album, You I Wind Land and Sea as a follow up to debut, Holly is worth. I'm looking forward to this sophomore effort after hearing this good one. Check it out. Props to AW music.

Justin Nozuka My Heart Is Yours (Mediafire)

His official website and Myspace for more.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

WEEKLY PLAYLIST: Oooh Barracuda!

Unique woodworks from Sharktoof

I've been away for too long and have not posted for more than a week. ITS UNFORGIVABLE so I'll try to wean myself from the wildly stressful things I've been doing. Here are the notable tracks for this week's playlist. Enjoy! :D

To download the Mediafire links, just click the title and download in a new tab/window.

Crystal Castles - Celestica (Radio Rip)
LCD Soundsystem - All I Want
Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better
Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light
Crystal Castles - Doe Deer (Radio Rip)
Onra - High Hopes (Feat. Reggie B)
Steve Reich - Electric Counterpoint III. Fast (RYXP's (Royksopp's) Milde Salve)
Pony Pony Run Run - Walking On A Line (Lifelike Radio Mix)
Operator Please - Logic
DCUP - To Be In Love (Swick Remix)