Monday, August 2, 2010

[FEATURE] Strider Hero

Striding Duo - Filipino musicians Arthur and Michael Imperial

These two Striding brothers have it made. Why? Sometimes you just know.

Arthur and Micheal Imperial are brothers coming from Toronto whose music taste was significantly influenced by their Filipino father whose palate for good rock music is insoluble. Their old man must be bursting with pride with how talented his sons are. Strider Hero is all geared up to leave their imprint on the everyone with these great tunes.

Posted are seven songs from their EP below - more than enough to convince you that these guys really know how their beats. You definitely want these songs banging your iPod.

♫ Strider Hero – Brave
♫ Strider Hero – Fake New York Girls
♫ Strider Hero - Future Wife
♫ Strider Hero - The Spaces That You Only Know
♫ Strider Hero - Take It Slow
♫ Strider Hero - My Monstrous Girl
♫ Strider Hero - The Well Wisher

Cd Baby and iTunes are the sites to go if you want to download their EP. For more on Strider Hero: Myspace - Facebook - Twitter


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