To those who are intending to contact me due to these following reasons:

# 1 Feature a certain band / group or any artist collaborating
# 2 Promote an album or an artist
# 3 Promote a musical event (Festivals and whatnot)
# 4 Request for a certain mp3 and album to be put up here in TBT*
# 5 Ask that a blog post or an mp3 link be removed (due to infringement and other 


# 1 Request for a TV Show/ Celebrity / Movie to be featured (any type of request will do!)
# 2 Ask that an E-Book be posted in this site (Fiction only please)
# 3 Any other requests related to these 4 and it's okay!

Then you may send you messages to this address:

If you would wonder why you request is not posted, check your email. There might be other reasons why I can't post them and I will indicate them in my reply email! Muchos gracias!


woot, i love thieves by tuesday! I'm definitely linking to you guy!

Thanks Jeff! I love Popsense too! You guys make blog-hopping more fun. :)

babe, not only do you look hot but you sure have some taste in music. lovineg every bit of this blog

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