For once Malfoy and I agree on something. I don't want to pull down the strings on Dumbeledore's Club and all, but I'm not sure if the teaser is working for me.
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See evil in its youth as we meet Tom Riddle at the orphanage. 
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To tell you the truth, I was thrilled to see the long awaited trailer for the new Harry Potter movie. I've read almost ALL of the books (except the Chamber of Secrets, I'm at the last chapter.) and the trailer failed to incorporate the fast-paced feel I was hoping to see. The story-telling vibe wasn't awful, It was just, PLAIN. I was expecting more intensity if they have to come head on with the predicted high grossers for the upcoming movies later this year (like Twilight, James Bond 22 and Madagascar). Warner Brothers should release another trailer for Half Blood Prince. I'll be waiting.


warner brothers owes us. the last hp movie was kind of bad. i mean none of that great and definitely arent as good as the books but still. the half blood prince is an important movie and they should make it good.

p.s. havent read the chamber of secrets? for shame.

Actually, I quite liked the trailer, but have read a comment from one of the producers who basically said that there are going to be only about two pensieve memories in the movie. Which is kinda absurd because Voldemort's back story is more or less what the entire HBP book is about. I guess that means we are going to get another lame HP movie (the last one was SO bad and bland I can't even remember it anymore!). Presumably, they're going to cut out all the important bits from the books, but give us hours of Romilda Vane or Ron/Lavender or the Christmas party, or other similar tosh!

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