Friday, November 14, 2008

EW: Entertainers of The Year


Go INSIDE for the COMPLETE list.

This year, thanks to a series of clever choices, Downey has pulled off one of the smartest second acts in recent showbiz history. He's at the red-hot center of a humongous new action franchise, Iron Man, which has grossed more than half a billion dollars worldwide since opening last May. He followed that in August by doing something few actors have dared since Jolson — blackface — in the Ben Stiller comedy Tropic Thunder, which grossed $110 million. After doing just about everything humanly possible to destroy a once-promising career — including spending the better part of a decade in courtrooms and even jail cells — he's finally fulfilling his potential. He's become a movie star. At 43.



James Franco, Gossip Girls, Meryl, Wall E, Bravo...even E Banks all = <3

SMeyer's interviews are definitely entertaining.

I love me some NPH, Tina Fey, and RDJr!

Rock Band is the shit.

When will Katy Perry gtfo, I thought her fifteen minutes of fame were up.

THE STARS OF BRAVO For the motherfucking win.

Any list with Stephenie Meyrs and Kid Rock on is automatic fail.

blahblah blah Gossip girl. Shit. when will these bitches shut up?

Leona Lewis? Ugh, I hate her.

That picture of Coldplay is incredible. I want the issue of this.

Kinda annoyed with SMeyer beating all the others that she did, she isn't that amazing. If anyone from Twilight should be put on, it should have been RPattz. His interviews alone are amazing.

I LOVE NPH and it would be cool to have a gay guy be the sexiest man....and this is coming from a republican catholic :)
But seriously that guys acting is something else, how has he not won an emmy?

blah. blah.

WTF? Robert Jr.?

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