Here are a few details on Britney's performance:

Britney sung a portion of "Human Nature" with Madonna, wearing a white top and sexy tuxedo pants. Our source said Britney looked "amazing & energetic." After Britney's appearance, they lowered her off center stage; fans were going nuts.

Word on the street is Britney might make a second appearance. But don't hold your breath. :GASPS:

Hell, she cleans up well, doesn't she?
Stay tuned for more show updates! The videos (with Britney and Madonna) are inside! Check 'em out!

I love when Liz Lemon mentioned how gross Madonna's arms are on 30 Rock.


Brit looks sober. Something we've not seen since her teeny booper days. haha.

By the way, is she really playing the guitar? Or is it just props?

Its good that she does. I hope her sobriety lasts. Her family's been trough enough.

Nah, Brit's not playing the guitar. But I think Madonna is. Have you seen the video inside?

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