Saturday, November 29, 2008

STOP SASHA: Beyonce Knowles AKA Thief(?)

Ring the Alarm!
 Copycat Beyoncé and all the images and style she's stolen.

Haven't I seen that dress before? On a recent video shoot, Beyoncé donned a mermaid-style gown that Jennifer Lopez wore ten years ago

MORE of her copied looks, inside.

Robopop: Beyoncé stepped out on stage in a robotic ensemble remarkably similar to one worn by Kylie Minogue in 2002

If the glove fits: Beyoncé's cyborg style glove echoes Kylie's gold pair

Eye-catching: Beyoncé's make-up evokes Rihanna

Big shoulders: Beyoncé and Rihanna have worn very similar stage outfits

Making an entrance: She descends onto the stage, just like Britney before her and in a similar manner to Angelina Jolie

Funky: Her motorcycle bustier is certainly dramatic, but it's by no means a one-off, as proven by Alice Dellal (above left) and a George Michael video (right)

Sasha Fierce?  All I can say for this absolute nonsense is.. I love Kylie.



coincidence... i think not!
Very interesting pick up!

I know right? Seems weird how she copied A LOT. Maybe she's going through some artistic identity fashion crisis of some sort.

hmm...right...but doesn't the fact that B made these outfits so well-known means a lot by itself? If she can make the look special, what her predecessors didn't manage to do, so why not... Columbus was not the first to discover America - is he a thief?

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