Friday, November 28, 2008

NEW THE FRAY: You Found Me + Music Video

They're Back!

I know you must all be thinking I'm pretty crazy when I say that I only liked the 1st 2 seasons of Lost. Well that fact is contributed by the rush-rush-rush schedule I have in the university. With all the things I'm occupied with, I could hardly find the time to look at a mirror. Nonetheless, I was in uttter dismay for the LOST time I had with my favorite plane wreck/ship wreck/whatever wreck survivors. This video just makes me go "OOHH!"


I like Fray especially his song How To Save A life. When I heard that his already have his new song which is You Found Me, I search the internet right away and download an mp3 version of it.

That track was groundbreaking. For a couple of months everyone had that song in their mysopace and facebook.

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