Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NEW TRACK: 'Anyway' is A-Okay?

I really hate breaking rules, but I know everyone finds it hard to say no to Kanye West track. So small snippets of “Anyway” floating around for about a week, and now the song has finally leaked completely. No word on if this is the final version or not. Apparently, the version of Robocop that leaked last week was NOT the final — and Kanye wasn’t too happy with the leak. He probably wants to save the best for last, and “Robocop” was good. But this one is... quite awkward in the beginning. As the song progresses, it gave me a "Hey, it's not so bad after all" look. GO ahead and make your conclusion. Mine would be biased, ANYWAYs. :)

This is just a webrip though, and Kid Cudi kept having his drops, which is a real minus. Hopefully the clean version of this track would change my mind.

Download it inside this post.

Download | Kanye West - Anyway

Download | Kanye West - Anyway via Zshare


Ummm.. you're a bit off here. KiD CuDi is not a DJ... he's an artist signed to Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music label. Cudi sings the hook on this track.

I'm lovin this track, one of my favs that I've heard so far off 808's and Heartbreak. Dopeness!

Then thanks laura, I stand corrected! Once I got to REALLY listen to the track, that's when I thought, hey, I think I'm pretty wrong about Anyway.

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