I know it's irrelevant, but c'mon, it's still funny.

RECOVERY - its the album that everyone has been waiting for to see if Eminem can get back to the old Eminem and back on quality production. With recovery I think Eminem is on to a good start. Eminem sure has some anger and the attitude and lyrical explosions are telling a story, especially on the life he had for the past few years. He laid it all in the table to us, and although I'm not a big fan, I can definitely appreciate the potential of his album.

Drugs can really destroy some creative juice. If he has stopped on doing drugs now, it's sure is doing him good. Just listen.

The beat from Talking to Myself sounds like from Hiphop is Dead song. Can anyone confirm it for me?

♫ Eminem - Talkin To Myself Ft Kobe Hook
♫ Eminem - Space Bound



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