Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WEEKLIES: Yo. Man. Hey. Dude.


Yes, Diplo is an unsung master in the remix world. I don't know if you have heard his insane Sia remix, so here's 2 tracks of Diplo with Borgore and Gucci Mane to blow your mind. AND GUESS WHAT. It keeps getting better because I have the uber fresh tracks from The Chemical Brothers' called Dissolve and a new track off Stars' upcoming album entitled We Don't Want Your Body. Another two from the French soul electropop artists Hypnolove. Cisco Adler and Shwayze's California Girl and a Hypercrush remix of the recent Katy Perry mainstream hit. The tracks in this recent WEEKLIES edition are killing it - you better believe it babe.

This post is dedicated to the awesome Oskar of No Modest Bear. I've said it once and I'll say it again - his music tase is IMPECCABLE. Drop by his blog! Cheers! :)

If it ran out of bandwidth: DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE THING HERE

♫ Diplo and Borgore - Sunsets (Original mix)
♫ Gucci Mane - Break Yourself feat Lil B (Diplo remix)
♫ The Chemical Brothers - Dissolve
♫ Stars - We Don't Want Your Body
♫ Hypnolove - Get To Know the Girl feat. Feist
♫ Hypnolove - Eurolove
♫ Katy Perry - California Gurls (HYPERCRUSH remix)
♫ Cisco Adler - California Girl feat. Shwayze


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