I'm gonna ride the wave on this because I know, Gaga's music might be way over the top at times, but her music videos have taken quite an interesting route.

At 2:08, Lady Gaga speaks in a German accent, and I am getting a bit of Soviet Union-esque vibe. Then pop up these men with the most odd haircuts, and after a while, a bit of Madonna-angles from Vogue as any music fan will notice. Some say an Ace of Base rip-off, but I don't see it though. This music video, although initially can mask you with the dark and quality cinematography, does not send a clear message.

I found a recent blog post courtesy of Procne that had an in-depth review of the video: Here's what the blogger said:

The most obvious example of its commentary is the critique of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (DADT) which is the military’s policy of ousting openly gay military members.

Well that clears that up. But my opinion remains unchanged. Sorry if I'm the Debbie Downer of this post, but she used to represent artistic drama with a good dose of theatricality. It seems now, she had embraced it too much and has lost quite the special spark that made a lot of us admire her.

I still look forward to her music when anything new comes a long, but hopefully, something like Just Dance, Paparazzi, or the highly laudable Poker Face will come out that will take our breaths away.


The nun swallowing the rosary is just wrong. As usual its controversial.

Don't dwell on the message too long, i didn't understand too. I gave up after watching it thrice! The gay nazi's cracked me up though.

Definitely. That image definitely disturbing Jade...
and if I may be so as to be glib, that video was a bit pointless.

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