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Waddling in cool pool water under the heat of the sun is definitely the best way to unwind - I recommend it to everyone! In high regard for the most fun I had yesterday in weeks, I post this sumptous Weeklies playlist. We have this fresh A-track song feat Kid Cudi, and also another one, though not exactly new is fun all the same - Kid Cudi's Make Her Say Sammy Bananas. You may also notice that most of this Weeklies post comprises much of Kid Cudi songs - well that's because when I think of FUN, I unconsciously associate Kid Cudi's music to those moments. I have so little time in my hands these days but I will try to post as much as I can :)

♫ Kid Cudi - Up Up and Away (The Wake and Bake Song)
♫ Miike Snow - Song for No One
♫ Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining
♫ A-Track feat. Kid Cudi - Catch Up
♫ Bob Marley - Is This Love? (Logic Dubstep Remix)
♫ Deerhunter - Octet (Simian Mobile Disco Rework)
♫ Kanye West - Brand New X Popular (Flipboitamidles Remix)
♫ Kid Cudi - Make Her Say Sammy Bananas


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