I have yet to hear The Chemical Brothers' new album 'Further' in full, but this mp3 of Swoon is enough to entice me with this mingle-mangle of electro and techno sub-genres that will grasps anyone's consciousness towards inevitable high. The duo's sound is the new-but-old type I am extremely fond of---the fresh sound that still has faint traces of their origins as a mixing duo. Their 7th album (WOW!) will be release this 22nd of June so watch out for it.

As evidenced by the immense success of their sold-out Roundhouse shows, The Chemical Brothers is giving away a BREAND NEW Apple iPad complete with the full audio and visual version of 'Further'. Details here.

Their video for Swoon is not bad either and reminds me a bit of that artsy Breakbot video. A Don Diablo remix of Swoon, below.

♫ The Chemical Brothers - Swoon


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