Thursday, July 8, 2010

[FEATURE] Marco Mahler

Marco Mahler has a way with his music. His voice hardly can be defined as the attention-seeking type with the "Hey I'm here, look at me," written all over it but more of a whispery texture that can effectively lure any listener. His is the kind of sound that encourages you to love folk more because of its simplicity. The calm and quiet voice fused with his abstract lyrics played best with the penetrating acoustic guitar. Marco Mahler should not be addled with being categorized as purely folk, his music goes beyond the musical boundaries of austere beauty. It can even be life-changing.

Free Download:
♫ The Trees Have Fallen And The Birds Are Ripe
♫ I'll Just Find A Million Other Things To Do
♫ Beautiful Monsters

Jump This Fan
Cell Phone Antenna Trophy
James Alley Blues
Pressure Drill Got Lost At Sea
Don't Buy Cows If You Don't Have the Time
Soft As A Train
Sample Of A Sample


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