I don't know about you but celebrity cameos in music videos really draw me in. Especially if the theme of the music video is way out of their element. And not gonna lie, star power really makes for a good promotion for the artist and definitely raises those album sales. Maybe this was Brandon Flower's aim for his upcoming SOLO album, with the single Crossfire featuring the svelte and daring Charlize Theron as the heroine beating the bejesus out of ninjas, or maybe not. The nunchucks, the awezum kicking-ass Theron saving the hapless Flowers, who in the end gets abducted isn't the most original formula but it works. Who could blame him when you get to work with someone like HER?

Brandon Flowers – Crossfire

Below are other star cameos I relish with delight:

Jake Gyllenhall, Joe Jonas, Lil’ Jon and RZA in Vampire Weekend’s “Giving Up the Gun”

More Inside. Click here.

Moby’s “Natural Blues” featuring Christina Ricci

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Stone Temple Pilot’s “Sour Girl”

Pamela Anderson in Kanye West's "Touch the Sky"

Johnny Depp in Tom Petty's Into the Great Wide Open, Oh and Faye Dunaway (if I'm not mistaken)

Christopher Walken in Fatboy SLim's Weapon of Choice
Took me so long to look for this I keep forgetting the title haha.

And that's about a quarter of my favorite music videos with cameos. There's still that Paula Abdul one with Keanu Reeves and of course, Michael Jackson's Remember the Time but this post is long enough. Enjoy, as I did watching these videos all over again!

PS I miss old MTV.


Not sure what to feel about Flowers going solo but eff that Charlize Theron's kicking ass as usual!
Not sure if you've come across this but may I add,

Emma Watson is a dog! Lol

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