Dakota Fanning Looking All Grown Up in The Secret Life of Bees Premier.

Dakota Fanning, along with her other costars, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Sophie Okonedo ( in ponytail), Nate Parker (Last Image), Tristan Wilds and more.

My take on their looks:

*Jennifer looks good with her diet and all, but the arms---mmm mmm meaty.
*Q. Latifah gand her lesbian do?
*Dakota Fanning looking her best tonight. I knew she's grow out to be gorgeous. Finally a child actress minus the superficial drama. How refreshing.

Jennifer Hudson, Gina Prince Bythewood and Queen Latifah at the Washington DC premiere

Tristan Wildes at the Premier.


Cant wait for this. Jel, I have a book of this btw. and its so good.

nangadto rmi ila kansha n ching2. ddto rami na places ndugay..

the book has given me so much realizations, mao na xa.

haha, la q naapil sa rankings last week sa elbo.ws, sige lng la mn puy update2 aq.

lol, at least kami free nami sa school load.. bg.o rpud ko abot, super kapoy.

yah, pretty much, sometimes..
pero im loving favtape n nme right now.

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