New mom Jessica Alba will be heading back to work as she has signed onto a new movie  called An Invisible Sign of My Own.

In the movie Alba will play “a young woman who has retreated into the world and is consumed by numbers and math, she then lands a gig as a second-grade math teacher.”

This will be the first movie Alba has signed on for since giving birth to her daughter Honor Warren three months ago....

An Invisible Sign of My Own is based on the book by Aimee Bender. Ugly Betty actress America Ferrera was originally set to play the role.


Yeah... We all know she is gorgeous, but lets face it. Her face doesn't scream--SMARTNESS, INTELLIGENCE, WIT or GENIUS. And I'm not ratting on her, but this choice of role is pretty lame.

And I agree with diorporfavor. There are "Shades of Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist in The World Is Not Enough". Or Tara Reid as an anthropologist in Alone in the Dark.

...not that I will ever admit to watching it.

America Ferrera would made sense to the role. Jessica Alba, doesn't.

I wish she was smarter than her looks. She always falls in that damsel-in-distress category. Even in Fantastic 4. My brother was wiping his drool, but I was like, Uh----huh. Men have (if not always), one-tracked minds. :)


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