Thursday, September 25, 2008


Vampire Weekend gave a favor to Kat Dennings and Michael Cera for their movie, Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, and lent it for the OST. The book was pretty good, but I'm getting sick of this whole Michael Cera obssession. He's just a kid who married his very own sister in a canceled TV show. What's more to it than that? Well, he was hilarious in Superbad, so, who am I to judge?

Anyway, here's the track. Vampire Weekends' Afro-Pop influences did them good. Real good. Download it, it's pure sweetness.The violin portion, fused with some foreign instrument I have completely no idea lends Ottoman a really catchy tune.

Download: Vampire Weekend's Ottoman {via Zshare}

Trailer for the movie here.


yeah, it leaked monday pa. I posted it already 2 days before but blogger removed it.

Same with 'Human'. I think they have a problem with me or my blog. They even removed '5 years time' of Noah and the Whale.
The comments of the posts were macerated also. ugh

Lets not even go there, i dont want to talk bout it. haha

mgstudy njud q, maybe il post again sa monday pa

youre kinda right. lol

isnt it a comedy?

@ Lili Chou.

Ye. It's a comedy. Probably the best high school comedy Ive seen.

Michael Cera is at his best.

He really wants to be Bill Murray.

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