Who Won the Box Office?

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I got the chance to download a myriad of newly released movies (I don't have the time to go to the cinemas) and here are my takes on the 3 (not including Righteous Kill) cause I got enough of Al Pacino already.

I saw Burn After Reading and it was hilarious. Not Tropic Thunder hilarious, but it passes. The casting was great, the storyline was very Co-en Brothers and its every man's screwball movie. I think the problem was in the narrative. There were things that happened that were talked about by the characters but never shown to us. Other than that, though, I loved it. The characters were awesome and the casting was great.

The Women was okay. Poor Eva Mendes and Joy Bryant having to join in the whole Meg Ryan Annette Benning ruckus.

And yess! A Family That Preys is AWESOME. I thought it was great. I'd never seen any Tyler Perry film before but now I'm definitely interested in seeing his other films. I was forced to go so perhaps it was my low expectations that made it so good. Except for the predictability of the outcome I thought it was a wonderful film.


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