Wednesday, September 3, 2008

IN MY OPINION: Hellooo White Limousine

No, really, ALL I see is the white limousine. I don't know why teenagers love the limousine, especially for prom.. Oh wait.. What?

Oh yeah--the breasts. I actually didn't notice it UNTIL you mentioned it.

Not only is this dress breaching the protocol of polite society, I am almost certain it is defying laws of physics. Someone needs a mirror, or honest friends.


ba't walang ganito sa prom namin?!

tapos bakit may limousine sila?! samantalang samin, sa basketball court lang. andun pa yung bakal na pinagsho-shootan (sorry di ko alam tawag. di kasi ako fan ni sporty spice eh)

p.s. palagay ko honest friend kelangan nito. kahit kasi sa salamin na-pro-project mga pretensyun ng tao.

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