When you head over to music blog aggregator sites like Hypem or Elbo.ws and you find somewhere at the bottom of the Popular page (Hypem), you see that cover of popular songs by quite unpopular groups. Such is this version of Panda Riot, more subtle not only in the vocal quality but also the melody. You wouldn't even recognize they covered the song if you haven't seen the title because it sounds entirely different. Kudos to Panda Bear for actually making something new out of something old. The blissful and somehow eerie sound made me do a bunch of claps. :)

Panda Riot - Paper Planes (M.I.A. Cover) Link 1

Panda Riot - Paper Planes (M.I.A. Cover) Link 2


what tab style? I think everybodys using it. uv seen the latest elbo.ws rankings?

jel why arent you posting 90210?

Oh.. You know very well IVE BEEN USING IT. But.. That;s up to you. It's just peculiar.. Don't you think? That we have the same style? Oh well...

I don't check elbo.ws that much anymore tho. Hypem--almost everyday.

90210... Haven't seen an episode yet.

you mean the TAB? the same style? iv been asking myself that question..

im just applying in hypem, trying.. anthony's very strict in approving blogs.

compared to gg, 90210's very light..and their music is unbelievable

Yeah---the 90210 tracks are good. I must agree. I saw the 3rd episode and i think it was pretty cheesy for my taste.

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