Followed the commercials, the trailers, the production photos, the interviews, a viral campaign on par with the Navy, but I'm still not sure if I want to see what might be the most hyped movie in history--a film that includes the final completed role of a talented young actor whose dark performance as one of comics' most notorious villains is already being hailed as Oscar-worthy. I mean, will Batman have some kind of Bat-arm-brace-metal-cutter thing or is just going to be more of the same old bull? Oh, he does have that? I guess I'm game then. Just hoping for no more assistant-leading man love teams here.

A thousand new Dark Knight photos here. Spoiler: print them and treat them like a flipbook for the full movie.


What a great blog. I have seen a ton of blogspot blogs and yours is the nicest i have ever seen. I hope it blows up with major traffic. Batman is the shit by the way. I used to wish I was him until I turned 20 and decided to be boring instead. Thanks

Personally, just from the looks of Heath Ledger's acting in the commericals for the movie, he looks amazing.
I think all the Oscar buzz is just tryin got ENCOURAGE sales for the movie.
But on the other hand...Heath looks like he played an amazing "joker".

I can't say if he deserves one until I see the movie, but from what I've heard, he probably does.

to funny tees:
Yeah--he's WAS also my favorite superhero (minus the powerthing). I mean he's smart and a total hunk. Who wouldn't think he's cool?

Thanks for that comment... I don't know though how to "blow up major traffic".. Any ideas how?

to taylor:

I do agree, Heath looks like a mean Joker. And kind of delusional (which e IS supposed to be). Just hope his acting elevates him to bigger level. :)

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