Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What is Love?

Stuff I unearthed that I wrote a when I was still in high school. It's old stuff and I'm partially hesitant to post this because of it's juvenile undertones. Please, do comment. I'll take in everything. ^^,

L O V E by j-dawn


What does it mean?

Is it something earned,or maybe it’s gleaned?

Something so pure, conceived in bliss,

Is it something all have, or something some miss?

Does anybody know it’s true definition?

Is it really a feeling, or an obligation?

Is it there, and if so, where?

There’s a difference between love and care.

You say you love him, you say you love her,

But when it comes to it, would you die for them?

Take the bullet, heal the wound,

Love them under the sun and in the light of the moon.

If they tell you jump, would you take a leap?

And if they tell you to cry, would you weep?

If they tell you a lie, do you take is as truth?

Are you loyal to them, though they’re not to you?


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