Friday, June 13, 2008

Gossip Girl Spin-off in the works

Rumor Of "Gossip Girl" Spinoff Sets Blogosphere Ablaze With Vague Truthiness

Yesterday (well, last week), hundreds of thousands of plugged-in Gossip Girl fans got their hopes raised and almost immediately dashed on news of a possible Gossip Girl boarding school spinoff, focusing on Jenny Humphrey, the character played by Taylor Momsen. Turns out that's not the plan at all; except for the part where it totally is.

As they say on Pushing Daisies: the facts are these:

-- Actually, claim sources within the CW, they totally would do a spinoff if the mothership does as well as they hope next year

To which I say: duh? At this point, the industry is so devoid of ideas, we wouldn't be surprised to hear of the networks fighting over an adaptation of the Iron Man toys that come with a Junior Whopper at Burger King. Of course they're gonna do this. (Assuming the CW makes it through the next year, of course.) CW is so up-in-its ass in throwing rumors in the air causing riveting responses from fans and failing (i hope not intentionally) to attest to what they started in the first place.


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