Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kiera stars in Edge of Love

I find it actually frustrating NOW that Kiera seems to stick it out with periodic-style movies, from King Arthur (a total suck-fest) to the Pirates of the Caribbean series (started out good and then...) this!

Edge of Love movie is set to be released in UK on June 20, 2008. The plot is set in London, World War II. Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (Matthew Rhys of Brother's and Sisters fame) is in love with both his wife Caitlin (Sienna Miller) and his childhood friend Vera (Kiera Knightley), now married to the devoted William (Cillian Murphy). But Dylan’s refusal to commit to one woman could destroy the lives of all of them... Well, based on the trailer, it pretty much talks about infidelity. But I wonder how it turns out, GQ saying "Kiera and Sienna deliver the best performance of their lives" and another magazine (i think it was SHE) saying Edge of Love is "This years Atonement, only better." Hold a second. Atonement was one of the best movies of the past year and I do admit that I resent that statement. It's hard to live up to the excellence of Atonement, let alone the very rich plot. The cast is strong, obviously. And the first act has an intriguingly dreamy quality but it gives way to a soggy ending.

I give this movie, lemme see: 3 stars.


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