Doesn't this poster look anything familiar to you? This totally reminds me of V for Vendetta, but a little more of the words. The sepia-like tone speaks a bit Sin City. What do you think?

Well, anyway, Scarlett Johansson (my ex-fave star) would star in this movie. Along with Eva Mendes, who in my opinion is totally gorgeous despite the wierdly-shaped ears of hers. And then, Samuel L. Jackson and a newcomer (?) Gabriel Macht as "The Spirit". I dunno if I'm gonna be impressed or what. "The Spirit" for a title sounds a little juvenile. Guess I'm just gonna see for myself how this movie's gonna gauge in my meter. Below are other movie teasers for the upcoming movie, The Spirit.

Gabriel Macht


*insert spooky sound*


Scarlett Johansson

(as some seductress,


And (my recently)

fav person

Eva Mendes

as a thief (?)

or an accessory-eating


Maybe both.


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