Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Odd Couples

Life isn't a fairytale, you know. I've been watching through stacks of old CDs and found a few unusual love teams. There are those who get their happy ending without being the picture-perfect couple. Check out these pair-ups that click beyond comprehension...

Frankenstein's Monster and Bride Of Frankenstein

The Bride Of Frankenstein

Despite being a couple quite literally made for each other, these two don't get off to a good start as th bolt-necked monster freaks out the woman of his dreams with shock-hair intended with his otherworldly looks. And the nightmarish creation suicidally burns down the laboratory. Romance, it seems, does not go well for the recently re-animated...

Ann and King Kong

King Kong
Tall, dark and handsome (well, two out of three ain't bad), the ape who would be King falls for Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) when she's offered up to him as a sacrificial lunch--- and, boy, does he fall hard. The primate pulls all out his the tricks out of his hat in his attempt to woo the blonde starlet: saving her from a T-Rex attack, travelling with her to New York so she can pursue her acting career and even going ice-skating with her in Central Park. Unfortunately for the hairy Casanova, he meets his maker before he can get to first base. Boo-hoo.

Cousin It and Margaret

The Addams Family
It's not easy being the wife of a conniving slimeball lawyer, so it's no surprise when Margaret falls for a member of the eccentric (and rich) Addams family. What is surprising, however, is that she doesn't have eyes for the electrifying Fester - nope the object of her affection is the hairball known as Cousin Itt. Still, you can't help who you fall in love with, and having dispatched her double-crossing hubby, Margaret wastes little time in getting busy with the extravagantly coiffured bachelor boy.

Belle and The Beast

Beauty and the Beast
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then the lovely Belle really needs to go to an Eye Institute. Her loved one is gruff and grumpy and he's got one hell of a hairy back. Still, he does have his own castle, the household utensil servants are an interesting talking point and, as it turns out, beneath the beastly exterior beats a heart of gold. There's a moral in there somewhere but I'm too shallow to notice. Kidding.

Victor Van Dort and the Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride
Talk about a marriage of inconvenience, Victor Van Dort (Johnny Depp) is running through his wedding vows in a spooky forest and ends up unexpectedly betrothed to a bony cadaver. Ignoring the fact that death should indeed allow them to part, poor Victor has to figure out a way to annul his unfortunate marriage and return to the arms of his real love. But what's the best way to dump a corpse? Send in an email, please...


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