Saturday, June 14, 2008

A little too obssessed.

Hugh Laurie can be my doctor anytime. Love those temper tantrums.

After almost 5 hours of watching House yanking everyone's strings on TV, I still was obssessed with the British actor (as if watching wasn't enough). I decided to make my own wallpaper version of him. I really wanted to make his eyes POP, so I made the rest of his face less saturated. I know its not THAT creative. But I'm promising better looking images of our beloved Vicodin-dependent doctor. Don't you love his sarcasm? Albeit the wrinkles, he is unusually ATTRACTIVE. And to top it off, he's infectious. Last week, I heard my Microbiology and Parasitology professor quote him. Ha, she wishes she could sound as smart and intimidating as he is. Anyway, looking forward for more episodes. The show is going to celebrate it's 5th birthday this November 16th...


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