Saturday, October 18, 2008

FAVORITE ARTIST: Coeur de Pirate

Beatrice Martin is the heart and voice of Coeur de Pirate. The 18 year old artist crafts gorgeous piano numbers and is undeniably sexy in the way that only blonde, "Bardot-looking" girls singing in French can be.

I do admit that I'm unable to fully grasp what is being sung. I don't give much mind to the fact I don't understand all the words Coeur de Pirate sings. It's not so much of the words that move with these songs, but the grandeur, the simplicity, the feeling and the heart behind the tunes on this self-titled debut. Check out the the stream and download for "Comme des Enfants," and "C'tait salement romantique"and try not to fall in love with Coeur de Pirate.

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Coeur de Pirate:

+ Comme des enfants via Boxstr  

+ Comme des enfants via Mediafire

+ C'tait salement romantique via Boxstr
+ C'tait salement romantique via Mediafire


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