Wednesday, October 8, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Buffet Libre's Verbena No. 5

Every week keeps getting better and better. This week, BUFFET LIBRE made a surprise for everyone!

Marc Constanti gave me a heads up with Buffet Libre DJ's 'ALL YOU CAN EAT' mixes, two months after their latest mixtape. I've heard their previous Verbena's and although I didn't fall in love with Verbena 4 (80's Cover Project) that much compared to others, this one was particularly scrumptious.

In this post are Verbena n°5 still unreleased songs by artists as Miami Horror, Louis La Roche & Sidechains, Xinobi, Culture Prophet, Heads We Dance, The Requesters, Alex Metric & Autokratz, Diamond Cut, The Phantom's Revenge, The Outrunners & Russ Chimes and Electric Youth & Justin Faust, combined with some current faves like Designer Drugs and LA Riots giving it the freshest appeal.

I am completely enamored with this mixtape because of the consistent fusion of many genres of music, but without being overdone. Don't you agree?

The full tracklist of Verbena N°5 after the cut, y'all!

1. Sintonia Buffetlibre
2. Heads We Dance – The Human Touch
3. Louis La Roche – Peach (Sidechains Remix)
4. Alex Metric – Deadly On A Mission (Autrkratz Remix)
5. Professor Groove & The Booty Affair – Lose Control (Diamond Cut ReLoss)
6. The Requesters – Strong Love
7. Miami Horror – Don’t Be On With Her (Vocal version)
8. Xinobi – Valsa In Nova Jersey
9. Super Mal – Bigger Than Big (Bag Raiders Remix)
10. N.O.S. – Please (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix)
11. Baby Diamonds – Shooting The Stars
12. Overthrill – Your Life
13. Mission Control – Innerspace (Designer Drugs Remix)
14. Giorgio Moroder – E=mc2 (Culture Prophet Remix)
15. The Outrunners – These Girls Are Dressed To Kill (Russ Chimes Remix)
16. Radiohead – Reckoner (Frankmusik Remix)
17. Inner Party System – Die Tonight (LA Riots Remix)
18. Electric Youth – Replay (Justin Faust Remix)

Buffetlibre Dj's - Verbena N°5 (mp3)

You can get the rest of the tracks in their myspace.


Really, just wondering coz your crediting them. hmmmm.
I get tons of mail, but im very lazy in posting them, especially remixes and mixes. Roughly there are really good ones though.
Some company even asked me to work with them. Thought it was spam at first. How bout you?

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