Thursday, October 23, 2008

FEATURED ARTIST: Situationists

Well, haven't we had our share of indie rock bands this late 2008? Here is another one from Sheffield, UK - the SITUATIONISTS.

The Situationists creates flavorful indie-rock songs palatable to anyone interested with a slight of Death Cab for Cutie, Hot Club de Paris and The Velvet Teen. The author of fine pop songs that combine the distinctive way with a tune that only quintessentially English fellows like Blur and The Futureheads--the Situationists---can claim as their own with the complex guitar work and soaring nature. I'm afraid you'll find it hard to let go of their tracks.

Situationists - Onwards and Upwards

Myspace ~ Tough Love Records


Nov 9 2008, 8:00PM - London Launch Night @ The Old Blue Last w/Calories + Favours for Sailors London

Nov 10 2008, 8:00PM - Onwards and Upwards EP Released Everywhere

Nov 19 2008, 8:00PM - Sheffield Launch @ The Harley w/Nat Johnson Sheffield


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