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NATALIE PORTMAN has upset America's leading Hindus with her portrayal of an Indian princess in ex-boyfriend DEVENDRA BANHART's new CARMENSITA video - and they're calling for a public apology from her. Religious scholars have called the actress' role of Princess Carmensita Saplingita in the promo "denigrating" to Hinduism, claiming it "mocks Hindu concepts and symbols". Acclaimed Hindu and Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed admits he is deeply hurt by the video, which he claims simply serves to feed incorrect stereotypes of his religion.
He says, "The images used in the video are revered in Hinduism and are not to be thrown around loosely for dramatic effects. "We invite Hollywood to immerse itself in Hinduism, but we ask that actors and actresses, directors and producers take our religion seriously and respectfully.
"Hindus would gladly provide genuine Hollywood seekers the resources they needed for their study and research. Casual flirting sometimes results in pillaging serious spiritual doctrines and revered symbols and hurting the devotees."

And he is not alone in calling for a public apology from Portman - officials at the Hindu Alliance of India, Shri Ramayan Pracharini Sabha, India Heritage Panel, have also demanded she distance herself from the Banhart video. Zed adds, "Forgiveness is one of the main virtues of Hindu ethics. If Natalie Portman offers a sincere public apology, Hindus would not only absolve her but might also pray for her success in future ventures."



Shouldnt they be upset with Devendra Banhart and whoever directed the video and everyone else who was involved with it? I dont think its fair that all of the anger is being directed towards her ... unless it was her idea;

I know right? Unless it was completely Natalie's idea, they shouldn't hold grudges on her.

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