Monday, October 6, 2008

FUNNY SNL SKIT: C-Span Bailout

But on the contrary, YES, they brought the shite back! Without much ado, here is the C-Span Bailout --- SNL style.

Last October 6, 2008, NBC website managers took the video off their website and everyone was in an uproar with this action. Why was it removed? Was it oral defamation? Was it because it hit the democrats right on?

It's WAS removed not because it's not funny. But because it was too true. And too unflattering to Democrats. And because it might cost Obama some votes. It illustrates how much the Democrats had to do with the mess. And how much NBC is in the tank for Obama.

Washington approves the bailout package Great skit! Classic SNL socio-political satire!! I am loving this season! I agree that the tagline is over the line but thanks for confirming that these are real people not caricatures...

Another of Tina Fey playing Sarah Plain and James Franco's small dingdong inside this post.

After years of not watching SNL, I race to the screen when Tina Fey plays Palin. She is just so funny....

Tina is UNREAL as Palin I think she actually does Palin better than Palin does Palin.
Great stuff SNL!

And this one is a slightly humorous SKIT with James Franco and Gossip Girl's Blake Lively. Ch-Check it.


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