Saturday, October 18, 2008

NEW TRACKs: Fredrik - "Black Fur" + "1986"

Another Swedish artist to love! Fredrik, is drenched in optimism and so are their songs. Their music is some beautiful bluegreen avant-folk. Seriously, it feels like this music was specifically written to make its listeners feel better: chord plucking on acoustics and mandolins. Their US album Na Na Ni hits the stores on October 28th through The Kora, from which “1986” (available here) and “Black Fur” have been drawn.

Similar to: Lykke Li, Tim Williams, Shout Out Louds


Fredrik - "Black Fur"
Fredrik - "1986"


lol, Im gonna post this also. someone emailed me this one. that's okay with you right?

Hey! I love how you described their music! Iagree! it is very optimistic, much like a good lemonade on a Sunday. Thank uou! Thank you! I've been waiting for bloggers to notice them!

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