This alternative dance band from Copenhagen, Denmark which formed in 2006 is one of my recent guilty pleasures.

Mette Lindberg (for the vocals), is eponymous to a a sweeter version of Nicole Atkins. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour first UK single, "The Sun Ain't Shining No More", is already nabbing the ears and eyes of music aficionados in the UK. To go with their increasing number of listeners, the duo came up with a video directed by the Brownlee Brothers & shot this summer in their native land of Copenhagen.

DOWNLOAD : Right Click the Song Link, Save the Target As, Done.

Here is their video for The Sun Ain't Shining.

And their first single, Around the Bend, was featured in this iPod Touch 2G Advert. I like what Apple is doing for the upcoming indie artists. Their usage of the songs really gives the artists a good boost and maybe some foundation in the music arena. Remember Chairlift's Bruises? That was a damn hit, right?


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