I've been hoping for months (well, a year and a half), and it appears that my long hoped Britney Spears comeback has FINALLY is kicking into some serious high gear.

The first step was these very harmless MTV VMA promos that she shot with host Russell Brand - and a 300-lb elephant in the room (nice touch!). Effortless is one word that comes to mind. Adorable is another. Funny is a third.

But I'm having second thoughts wither her cooperation with these ads--I dunno if she will participate in a show that was host to her "Gimme More!" breakdown last year. Personally I think she should show up, maybe present an award and hopefully pick one up as well for Best Female Video, or even, Video of the Year and leave performing alone! For now at least. Hehe. Now what are your thoughts?


I love Britney! YEEES.
I agree with it being effortless. I miss year laughs! It's good to hear her having a good laugh! Thanks russel Brown! You are a funny lad!

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