In a one on one interview with MTV, Vin Diesel announced that he hasn’t done a comic book film to date because he’s holding out for a role where he can play the villain as the protagonist. He mentioned that he had a character in mind, but wouldn’t say. I would guess that he is thinking about Venom, but it’s impossible to know. Everything he said could be false.

This article may be false. Trust no one.

For those of you that would like to see the interview for yourselves, please go to the source article over at MTV


feeling ko bagay sa kanya si dr. strange. o kaya si namor.

(nang-stereotype ng kalbo noh? hihihi.)

Ever heard of the Watchmen?
Fan ka nga ba ng comics, EM Pasyon? Oo nga--nagstereotype ka nga ng kalbo.

di ako gaano fan ng komiks. mas libro. tsaka ni sharon cuneta.

DC ba watchmen, ms c? parang may nabasa akong gagawing pelikula yun. mas Marvel ako, yung mainstream pa -- spiderman, xmen. at onting darkhorse (as in onti lang, tipong constantine lang at swamp thing.)

patawad sa stereotyping ng kalbo. if it makes you feel any better, kalbo rin ako. (tsaka kili kili ko kalbo rin.)

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